United States and Mexico Battle Swine Flu

What you should do to avoid infection

Prevent the Spread of Flu


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 英語宅急便Voice of America

Please click on the icon to listen to the clip and answer the questions below.

United States and Mexico Battle Swine Flu

28 April 2009


Listening comprehension:

Multiple choice questions. Note: There might be more than one answer to the question.

1. Which description is correct about swine flu?
  A) It could infect animals' organs such as lungs or bronchial tubes.
  B) It normally does damage to the health of pigs.
  C) It has been confirmed that both human being and pigs can be affected by swine flu.
  D) A similar case of swine flu infection has been found at the beginning of this year.
2. Which of the following is NOT one of the possible symptoms of swine flu?
  A) fever     B) coughing     C) stomachache     D) sneezing
3. Which activity is not possible during that time in Mexico ?
  A) Attending churches for religious services.         
  B) Watch baseball games.
  C) Going to schools.   
  D) Having a meal in a nice restaurant during the weekends.
4. What can be inferred from this report?
  A) The officials of the United States have faith to confront the disease.              
  B) People in Mexico were not satisfied with the way their government dealt with the situation.
  C) Swine flu is currently spreading out in other countries.
  D) All of the above.
5. What is NOT true about the situation of swine flu?
  A) Mexican Health Minister urged that more medicine is needed to help infected patients.              
  B) The first case of swine flu was found in Mexico.
  C) The United States have reported several case of swine flu.
  D) The U.S is considering prohibiting people to travel to Mexico or any other suspected countries.
6. What can we do to prevent swine flu?
  A) Wash hands thoroughly and frequently
  B) Maintaining a good diet
  C) Stay inside as often as possible
  D) See the doctor at least once a month to do a thorough examination


1. A, B, C

2. D

3. A, B, C, D

4. D

5. B, D

6. A, B



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