The way our parents behave toward us may have tremendous influence on our weight, shown in a study of 872 families. The study revealed that strict parents are more likely to raise chubby children because children of such parents are more prone to overeating for escaping from the stressful life! Parents, BEHAVE!!!......

Stop it!! I'm just a baby!!


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Big Think

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Clarity English:Core Skills for Business Writing - Linking Ideas

這一期將繼續介紹Clarity English另一個超強商業寫作系列 - 今天讓我們先來看看如何將所寫的文章或句子有條理邏輯性的能夠串連起來,並使得讀者能夠輕易聊解作者所要表達的意思,讓學習者練習很多的範例,還提供mind map的寫作技巧指導, 讓大家從中瞭解更多寫作可以加強的地方喔!

In Britain, humble postcard enjoys resurgence

電子通訊出現後, 寄明信片似乎一度陷入蕭條,但在英國, 圖畫明信片卻正享受新的風潮,,有些原因是英國人近來更常到那些你會想寄明信片的風景區度假。目前最流行的則是頂尖攝影師或藝數家設計的明信片, 這些也取代早年飯店免費提供的乏味明信片,現在明信片是一種獨特的通訊方式, 雖說寄明信片或許有點老氣,但卻是富有個人情感的好事。請看Freeway會員區Advanced English 2009. 1月號!



Academic Vocabulary





Stop nagging, othewise your child won't stop eating !!!!!
Nate and Jem have been close friends since primary school. The duo is pretty like Laurel and Hardy as Nate is awfully lean and Jem excessively plump, and they often have arguments with each other on matters which usually don't bother normal people at all. This morning, Nate is having brunch in the kitchen, and then soon after Jem has come to the kitchen as well, they are again quarreling over each other's habits.

Nate: Why are you grinning like a shot fox?

Jem: I've finally lost 5 kilograms and 2 inches on my waist.

Nate: That's good, but you're still not within cooee of being normally weighted.

Jem: Don't be so mean! You're not as fit as a Mallee bull either. So, just keep gobbling up your bacon n' egg.

Nate: Alright...alright...... How did you lose weight, anyway?

Jem: I've been taking some Chinese herbal medicine for a month.

Nate: I was told that's bloody exy, and most of the treatments are pretty shonky.

Jem: It's a bit of a furphy to say the treatments are shonky because my doctor is really helping me.

Nate: Did he tell you the cause of your obesity?

Jem: Yeah, he said I must have bad eating habits as I didn't know when to stop; that then caused too much fat around my tissues, and...

Nate: Bloody oath! I can tell you that too! The way you eat is like...

Jem: Didn't you hear I said "AND"? That means I've not finished yet.

Nate: Alright, I'm listening.

Jem: And he said I also have problems with oedema in my lower body and that's caused by bad circulation.

Nate: Oedema? But I rarely saw you feeling dizzy.

Jem: Oedema, fluid retention! Not anaemia!

Nate: They sound bloody alike! How do I tell the difference?

Jem: Anyway, whatever you say. Then he added that my bad eating habits could be caused by living a stressful life. And because I've been over-weighted since childhood, the specific cause could be my parents' strict way of handling children. The stressful household that I had created the habits of overeating, by which I could find an escape from stress and feel more comfy. So, whenever I spit the dummy, I just eat and I'll feel better, and then stand Buckley's of getting slim.

Nate: Woo! Did you go to see a doctor or a fortune teller?

Jem: He actually has got it right at some point. My parents used to say things to me like "Clean your plate or else!", "Don't sleep like a hog in a sty!", "What do you have in there for brains?", "Quit crying, or I'll give you something to cry about!", or whatever to nag at me. You know, that's really awful to hear them saying those things to me.

Nate: So, you are fat because of your parents. I'm sorry for you, mate. But at least you're on the way to slim down. Do you want me to make some more bacon n' egg for you to cheer you up.

Jem: Are you setting me up?

Nate: No! Because the only way I know to cheer you up is to feed you!



nag (v): 不斷地嘮叨
oedema (n): 水腫
duo (n): 二人組
circulation (n): (血液)循環
Laurel and Hardy (n): 勞萊與哈台
retention (n): 滯留
plump (adj) = chubby = fat
anaemia (n): 貧血
bloody (adv) = very
comfy (adj) = comfortable
exy (adj) = expensive
hog (n) = pig
shonky (adj): 不可靠
sty (n): 豬圈
furphy (n): 不確實的傳言


grin like a shot fox = be very happy
not within cooee of: 離...還差遠得很
as fit as a Mallee bull = very strong
gobble up: 狼吞虎咽地吃
Bloody oath = That's certainly true!
spit the dummy: 感到非常的失望、難過
Buckley's = Buckley's chance = no chance at all
set me up: 陷害我



(Washington Post) Mothering Styles Tied to Obesity Rates, Study Says

(BBC News) Chinese medicine slim aid warning


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