The Chinese New Year is around the corner, yet unlike the other New Year holidays, a great number of people are not looking forward to the holiday as they are already on "holidays" for quite a while. More than 200,000 employees in Taiwan have been required not to work seven days a week since December last year. For these people, being on holidays doesn't mean having fun anymore......

How long do we have to wait for fun holidays?


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Holidays mean no pays, no fun!
Ben, Wayne and Darren were high school classmates, and used to hang out very often. But after graduating from the school, they headed for different cities for study; and then after study, Darren started to work in another country. So, Ben and Wayne then gradually lost contact with Darren. Today, they finally get the chance to catch up with each other at their class reunion.

Darren: Ben! Wanye!

Ben: Darren! It's so good to see you!

Wayne: Hi, Darren! Happy new year! You finally decided to front up for the reunion!

Darren: Happy new year! How are you guys doing?

Ben: Not good, actually. Wayne and I were just talking about our plans for the Chinese New Year holiday.

Darren: That's good! What are your plans?

Ben: Well, if you think staying home and watch TV is not a bit of a drag when everybody is going out for fun, then it won't be that bad to be a couch potato for the whole holiday.

Darren: Don't be a couch potato! I don't wanna see you become a fat boy again!

Wayne: His end-year bonus was cut by fifty percent. So, he'd better not to get any more damaged from giving Red Bags to children of friends.

Darren: Oh... I'm sorry. But you've still got the bonus. It's better than nothing.

Ben: I may really get nothing at all soon. My supervisor just got sacked last month. The whole division which I worked in was shut down because the company wanted to wipe out unnecessary personnel, especially those who got high pays. I can see the writing on the wall so I'd better get mentally and financially prepared when the situation is still hanging in the balance.

Wayne: At least your company has got half of bonus paid in a lump sum before the new year. I've already had 2 days of unpaid leave per week for 3 months. And last week, my boss told us the bonus would be paid in full amount.

Darren & Ben: That's great! So?

Wayne: But the truth is the bonus won't be paid at one time. That is, before the holiday, the first quarter will be paid, and then after the holiday, the rest will be paid every two months. So, for the bonus, I'll get only half of my monthly pay. My boss is a genius, right? How am I going to make ends meet? All those Red Bags! Annual insurance fee! bra...bra...bra...

Darren: It's obvious that your boss is trying to refrain you from quitting the job with a full pocket.

Ben: That's so pathetic to turn back on the employees for protecting his own benefits.

Wayne: So, for the holiday, I'd better do something which won't be beyond my means, like backpacking, camping or cycling. Anyway..... How about you, Darren? What's your plan?

Darren: Well, My wife and I will fly to Fiji tomorrow for our second honey moon. It's really exciting. We booked the tour just last week.

Ben & Wayne: You what!

Ben: You must have got a big bonus! How much have you got?

Darren: 23 months' salary.

Wayne: Where do you work?

Darren: Giant. Haven't I mentioned that?

Ben: No, you haven't.

Wayne: It's not fair that you're going to travel with my money!



gradually (adv): 逐漸地 lump sum (n): 一次性(領取某種金額)
class reunion (n): 同學會 unpaid leave (n): 無薪假
end-year bonus (n): 年終獎金 backpacking (n): 自助旅行
Red Bags (n): 紅包 Giant (n): 捷安特
personnel (n): 職員;人事  


front up = appear
a bit of a drag = boring
get sacked = get fired
wipe out = get rid of
see the writing on the wall: 預見壞事要發生了
hang in the balance: ....懸而未決
make ends meet: 使收支平衡
refrain you from: 讓你不行...
with a full pocket: 這裡指 "錢裝得口袋滿滿的"
turn back on: 背叛
beyond my means: ....對我來講太貴了



(The China Post) Over 200,000 workers on unpaid leave: CLA

(Taiwan News) Rate of businesses using unpaid leave hits 18%

(Bicycle Retailer & Industry News) Giant Employees Set for Huge Bonuses


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