In the past year, did you come across bad luck so often that you had to wonder somebody must be kidding you. If not, do you think you were just lucky? If so, do you think you were just so unlucky? A psychologist will tell that your good luck or bad luck all depends on how you react to the things happening around you. That is, it all depends on your attitude. So, at the beginning of a new year, what attitude should we have to bring us the so called "good luck"?......

It depends on how you "knock on wood"!


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Bad luck or good luck, it all depends on your attitude!
Since two months ago, Andres lost the contact of Penelope Diaz, who was his high school dream lover (see Vol. 71), he has been upset by his bad luck. Today, Peter has asked him to have lunch with him at the cafeteria on campus. And when they are queuing for taking their food, he is again complaining to Peter about what he has encountered.

Andres: I think I'm really jinxed for my whole life.

Peter: What's going on?

Andres: Last Saturday night, I went to attend a friend's house-warming party. At the party, after some long hard searching for someone whom I might get interested in having a chat with...

Peter: Long hard searching? Is that a party or a parade?

Andres: Let me finish please, Mr. Humour......Then, I finally met a girl, and we really had a good chat. So, before she left, I asked for her digits. But because my mobile's battery was flat, I jotted it down on a piece of tissue paper. And then, when I was on my way home, the night was really cold, which made my nose run, and awfully stuffy, and I couldn't stop sneezing. And then I accidentally used the tissue that had her digits to blow my nose (sigh....)

Peter: You can just ask your friends if they know the girl! What are you whinging about?

Andres: Be patient, my miserable story isn't over yet.

Peter: Ok, I'm ready to roll my tears down.

Andres: And then last Thursday night, when I was having my shifts at the pizza store, an urgent order come in, so I rushed out to deliver the pizzas. Then when I was wheeling the pizza car out of the car park, I mistakenly pushed down the accelerator, and crashed onto my own car, right onto the front hood.

Peter: You what! Can I ask how urgent the order was? Were you delivering to a refugee camp in Africa?

Andres: And what's even worse was that, for the insurance, I had to sue the pizza store's driver for the compensation.

Peter: Woo! You've made the record to be the only one in the history who had to sue himself.

Andres: Yeah, I do have.

Peter: But in some way, you're lucky to crash your own car. If you had crashed someone else's car, that would surely have led you on a merry dance.

Andres: Lucky? Then, tell me what's the odd of suing yourself?

Peter: Probably... never....

Andres: See! I'm awfully jinxed. From losing Penelope's contact to suing myself, I don't know what to expect next........ Why does it take so long?

Peter: (murmuring) Something good, something awesome! Just look ahead and be positive!

When Peter is murmuring, Andres is looking ahead to see how many people are before them in the queue, and then he surprisingly notices that the casher is....

Andres: Penelope! That's Penelope! She works here!

Peter: I told you to expect something good, something awesome.

Andres: You already know she works here, don't you?



jinxed (adj): 倒楣的
sigh (v): 嘆氣
parade (n): 遊行
whinge (v) = complain
flat (adj): 沒電的
wheel (v) = drive
tissue paper (n): 面紙
front hood (n): 車頭蓋;引擎蓋
stuffy (adj): 鼻塞的
odd (n): 機率
sneez (v): 打噴嚏
See (v): 你看吧!


house-warming party: 慶祝遷入新屋的派對
make my nose run: 讓我流鼻涕
to blow my nose: 擤鼻涕
lead you on a merry dance: 給你帶來很多的麻煩



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