Politicians sometimes really have to be creative when making policies. New York State, USA, for dealing with economic difficulties, may ask its citizens to pay for drinking high-calorie soft drinks. The tax is called "obesity tax". For that, the government is expected to face opposition from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, as well as of course from the drinkers, whether fat or thin. So, as a consumer, do you wanna pay more for a coke?......

Coke! It's gonna be more than calorie !


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The Top 10 EVERYTHING of 2008

2008轉眼又要過去了,同學們還記得這一年發生了什麼大事嗎?Time雜誌又到了年終回顧的時間,在網路上推出了"The Top of 10 Everything of 2008"這個專題,幫大家把2008年一些世界大事給整理了出來。並在每個種類裡,選出了十個最具代表性的新聞故事或事件。當然Time的這個大事紀不是只有嚴肅的政治、經濟議題,也幫你記錄了許許多多各種生活裡的大大小小事情,所以才能叫做The Top 10 EVERYTHING of 2008 啊!!!


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Oxford Word List

想針對特定領域學習重要的常用單字嗎?沒問題!世界知名的牛津大學出版社匯集其人力編纂了科學類字彙、人文類字彙以及商業類字彙提供給三大領域的外語學習者參考,趕快對準目標、按下連結過去看看吧!科學類字彙 人文類字彙 商業類字彙!



English for Health Sciences





Drink less if you don't want to pay for more than the coke!!!
Peter and Andres are classmates in the university, and they're also flatmates. It's Saturday morning, so they are going to do their weekly shopping for groceries, and since they both love junk food, coke is of course on the shopping list. And now, they've arrived at the supermarket. While Andres is still fumbling with coins for borrowing a trolley, Peter has already got one. With military efficiency and Andres clumsily following after, he begins to trundle through aisles for targeted items; then few minutes later, he finally launch the attack on the soft drink aisle.

Andres: How did you know exactly where all those things were?

Peter: It's all on the shopping list! (Showing Andres the list...)

Andres: This shopping list makes Dewey Decimal System an absolute chaos. With all those arrows, price marks and notes, it in fact doesn't look like a shopping list. It's more like a military manoeuvre. Have you been planning the assault for the whole week?

Peter: I just don't want to waste my time on muttering to ourselves "doughnuts or muffins", and hurtling down the aisles without knowing what to look for! Anyway, I don't wanna waste time to explain it. What's the price on the coke?

Andres: It's 58 dollars.

Peter: What? It's supposed to be 50 dollars! The staff must have put the wrong price tag.

Andres: I don't think so. The government has decided to impose a new tax of 15 percent tax on soft drinks. That's called the obesity tax, and that's gonna make the government a big pile of bucks, I reckon.

Peter: Obesity tax! But I'm not fat! So, why do I have to pay the tax? And how about lollies, chips, cakes, ice cream, and all the other high-calorie food? The government is just using another way to get their hands in our pockets.

Andres: Yeah, I think so, too. The government is on a shoestring budget so they'll find heaps of ways to grab money anywhere they can find.

Peter: Maybe for that obesity matter, there are already moves afoot to tax citizens not joining a gym club for doing exercises regularly.

Andres: Or they can even sow the seeds of tax categories. So, someday for the matters of air pollution and public hygiene, they may levy a tax on flatus. That'll surely include each and every citizens.

Peter: Then, you'd better pray that won't happen because you'll be surely levied at the maximum level, and I'll get deducted for living with you.



grocery (n): 食品、雜貨 mutter (v): 喃喃自語
fumble (v): 笨手笨腳地處理 doughnut (n) = donut: 甜甜圈
trolley (n): 推車 muffin (n): 馬芬餅
clumsily (adv): 笨拙地 hurtle (v): 左碰又撞地前進
trundle (v): 推(推車) tag (n): 標籤
aisle (n): 走道 obesity (n): 肥胖
launch (v): 發起 levy (v): 課稅
manoeuvre (n): 演習、策略 flatus (n): 腸胃的排氣;放屁
assault (n): 攻擊  


Dewey Decimal System:(圖書館分類書籍的)杜威十進分類系統

a big pile of bucks: 一大堆的錢
on a shoestring: 幾乎沒錢的
(there are) moves afoot: 已經有計劃行ˇ動展開進行
sow the seeds: 將...發展、擴展到更大
public hygiene: 公共衛生



(Daily News NY Local) Governor Paterson proposes 'Obesity Tax,' a tax on non-diet sodas

(Daily Mail) New York wants to put 'obesity tax' on a can of Coke

(CNN) Commentary: Why we need an obesity tax


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