You may have adopted dogs or cats, but you may have never heard of adopting a koala. The "Adopt a Wild Koala Program" has been operating in Australia for fifteen years, and this year as usual the program is encouraging people adopt rescued koalas as the Christmas gifts for their loved ones. The annual adopting cost is only A (NT00) so in these times of financial stress, that's surely an affordable and lovely gift......

Pick me! Pick me for the Christmas evening!


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小編在此跟各位讀者道歉,這陣子小編真的是想錢想瘋了吧,上一期宅急便的"Feed yourself with 36000 dollars! That'll be a quite a feast! ???"裡面的3600元,居然寫成36000元。哇!要是消費券真的是36000元,那小編就真的是可以到夜市吃幾天幾夜的超級大餐啦!!!



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Clarity English:Core Skills for Business Writing - Successful Emails

這一期將繼續介紹Clarity English另一個超強商業寫作系列 - 針對已有基礎寫作學習者,此軟體分十個主題的講解及練習,包含商業書信、電子郵件書信、求職信、案例討論、企畫及報告等,是一套非常有效的商業文件書寫的訓練課程。 今天讓我們先來看看如何撰寫適當的Email!Successful emails不僅教您 email 如何寫,還提供常見的表情符號以及Email常使用的縮寫字呢!

Alicia Keys on a Mission

歌手艾莉西亞已經擁抱著音樂以外的使命,她說道,自己很幸運可以周遊世界,也去非洲親眼看到為愛滋病所苦的族群的需求,歷經更多的生活與學習的洗禮,也變的更成熟更瞭解自己!請看Freeway會員區Advanced English 11月號!



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各位讀者在學英語的發音時,有沒有想過究竟要怎麼發各個子音母音啊?還是說反正聽起來差不多就好了呢?其實在發英語的各個子音母音時,說舌頭位置的前後、發音部位和發音方式的些微不同都會影響是不是能發出最道地的英語發音喔!這次介紹給大家的這本書,以圖示的方式位各位解釋英語子、母音在發音時,我們舌頭位置前後、發音部位和發音方式不同,再加上CD音檔,讓各位體會模仿最道地的英語發音喔!Come and get your English tongue!!!



We wish you a merry Christmas~~~ we wish you a merry Christmas to get a koala bear~~~
It's Saturday afternoon. Hoping to get rid of some weight, Wayne and Ben are going to play basketball. While they are driving to the basketball court, they are worryingly talking about what Christmas gifts to buy for their wives, Annie and Yvelin.

Ben: What Christmas gift are you going to give Annie?

Wayne: I don't know. I'm stuck in a bit of rut at the moment.

Ben: What do you mean?

Wayne: I've been getting the same sort of stuff year after year; things like clothes, CDs, rings, bracelets, perfume, lingerie, and so on.

Ben: The lingerie was for your own sake, right?

Wayne: A wigwam for a goose's bridle.

Ben: Alright. That's not something to go public. What do you think she'll give you then?

Wayne: I don't know. Something useful or something memorial; probably a slide show of our happy moments and sweet words we wrote to each other.

Ben: Memorial? I can do that for you as well. I can do an edited video of you flopping in your wedding when proceeding to the altar; you hiding in the ditch to scare us, but getting bogged down in the mud so ending up with crying for our help to lift you up; you rolling down the sand dune on the beach just for the sake of it, and again ending up with crying for our help to lift you up.

Wayne: You rolled down the sand dune too.

Ben: But you were the one who brought up the idea, and drove the porcelain bus back home.

Wayne: You're nothing short of ridiculous as well. I can also make an edited video of you stitching pants with the men's underwear repair kit; you mimicking the scream of a screaming chicken; you cuddling the koala bear in the zoo but the poor animal tried desperately to get away because you ate too much garlic the night before.

Ben: I had only eaten a piece of garlic bread the night before, and the staff said the koala was just too tired.

Wayne: She just didn't want to be rude..... Wait! We can give them koala bears! I mean we can adopt them. I saw that on news. There is a "Adopt a Wild Koala Program" operated in Australia. People can adopt koalas through this program, and they'll receive a certificate and photographs of their own koalas.

Ben: That sounds a pretty special and interesting idea. And we can use some eucalyptus leaves to decorate the photo, and also give them eucalyptus skin care kits. Isn't that an ideal gift?

Wayne: Yeah, and on the Christmas day, we can dress like koalas when giving them the gift!

Ben: Dress like a koala! Yeah, and we can hide the present in the pouch, like a real marsupial!

Wayne: You really get into it, don't you? Don't forget the koala's pouch is upside-down! So, I do look forward to seeing how you fetch the present.



basketball court (n): 籃球場
porcelain (n): 瓷器
bracelet (n): 手鐲
kit (n): 組件;套件
lingerie (n): 婦女貼身衣類
mimic (v): 模仿
memorial (adj): 有紀念性的
cuddle (v): 抱(小嬰兒)
flop (v): 突然跌倒
garlic (n): 大蒜
altar (n): 祭壇(教堂、寺廟內的)
certificate (n): 證書
ditch (n): 溝渠
eucalyptus (n): 尤加利樹;桉樹
bog (v): 陷於泥淖
pouch (n): 袋子(有袋類動物的)
sand dune (n): 沙丘
marsupial (n): 有袋類動物


be stuck in a rut: 陷入一再重複的情況
for your own sake: 為了你自己著想
A wigwam for a goose's bridle = none of your business,或是不想回答人家問題時, 可以這樣說
go public: 公開
end up with: 結果變成
drive the porcelain bus: 抱著馬桶吐
nothing short of = completely
get into it = be really interested



(Reuters) Forget socks, adopt a koala for Christmas

(The Australia) Give a sick koala for Xmas

(Reuters) Top 10 stupid gifts from chickens to toilet golf

(Koala Hospital) Adopt a Wild Koala


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