It shouldn't be news for Taiwanese that each one of us will receive valued 00 vouchers before the Chinese New Year. So, it's already a topic among us --- how are you going to spend it? Some of you may think about using it to go travelling, buy 3C products, new clothes, or to donate it to charity groups. But what if we spend it on food only, food in night markets? That'll be a big big feast......

It's more than 00 for our new year gift!


◎ 進階初級寫作班開課.....開課囉!!!!!

新的學期開始了,寫作工作室當然也為同學們準備了新的課程啊!十一月份邱福棟老師開課內容:進階初級寫作Lower-Intermediate Writing Course- Session II ...快進來看看吧

◎ 寫作諮詢 還有好多空餘的時段喔~


◎ 第二十五期自學包裹上線啦!


另外,由於author plus系統更新的關係,各位同學請麻煩到這邊把flash player的版本更新喔!



MacMillan English Dictionary: Word of the Week



Road to IELTS:Words

身為台大人,你有沒有善加利用學校替你準備的豐富自學資源呢?在線上英文自學教室(efreeway)的會員專區中,有許多可以增進英文的好用軟體,今天要帶你看的是Road to IELTS中的字彙部分,這裡的題目不但可以加強英文,又可增長見聞,尤其是打算出國攻讀,想考IELTS的同學趕快進來看看吧!


British Council Learning English

還想要找更多的流行音樂學英文的網站嗎? 這個網站,不但有豐富的音樂錄影帶及歌詞,還有設計輔助英文學習的遊戲或練習,而且每週會新增加一首英文流行歌曲喔!趕快來試試看!



Earth Story




3600拿去吃到飽! 好好犒賞自己一年的辛勞吧!
Feed yourself with 36000 dollars! That'll be a quite a feast!
Wayne and Annie went to visit Annie's best friend, who had just given birth to a baby girl. And then while they were driving the way home, they were talking about the baby girl coming at the right time because the government had issued to distribute consumer vouchers to the public.

Annie: It's not much though, the voucher can still do some help on buying those baby clothes, diapers, formula or the sorts of maternity things.

Wayne: Yeah, 3600 dollars can buy dozens of diapers. Don't underestimate those little things. Their production can be tremendous.

Annie: And so is yours. So, do you wanna use the voucher to buy diapers as well?

Wayne: Thanks for the suggestion, but I believe I'm still doing pretty good, and I've got some bright ideas! I really get the bug when planning how to spend money, instead of how to make the money.

Annie: What are they then?

Wayne: Well, plan A. We use a whole month, every night, plus every weekend, to go to all the night markets in Taipei area, and eat all the foods we've got on our wish list. And just for the record, we can use a street directory to mark all the places we've been to, and note all the foods we've eaten. That'll be quite an achievement to remember and a perfect ending for this hard-working year.

Annie: That's really an appealing idea, but after this "happy ending", I'm afraid it'll be an appalling start for the next year because we'll be wondering how many pants left we can still put on.

Wayne: I know that's what you'll be worrying about. So, I've added some bells and whistles for the plan A.

Annie: So let me hear your bells and whistles.

Wayne: On every weekend, we can go completing our mission by cycling. That's the flavour of the month. So while we are cycling to the targeted night market, we are burning the lard-laden food we've gobbled down the whole week. It's so healthy, isn't it? Cycling is really the cat's whiskers for our plan. We can enjoy the gourmet without getting fat.

Annie: Cycling once a week is just a drop in the ocean. That's not enough to keep us fit. And it's winter now, honey, so please don't drag your lovely wife out there at any cold, windy and even rainy nights. And why are you so stuck to trying the food in every night market?

Wayne: Just for the sake it and it's brilliant to eat for free.

Annie: Alright, just rember you've got only 3600 dollars for the budget.



issue (v): 發行
tremendous (adj): 數量龐大的
distribute (v): 分配
appealing (adj): 吸引人的
diaper (n): 尿布
appalling (adj): 讓人驚愕的
formula (n): 配方奶粉
cycling (n): 騎自行車
maternity (n): 產婦的
targeted (adj): 目標的


get the bug: 變得很興奮
for the record: 只是為了要留作紀錄
consumer voucher: 消費券
street directory: 街道圖
bells and whistles: 附加上的、額外的好處
the flavour of the month: 在某一時期最流行的
the cat's whiskers: 最好的點子
a drop in the ocean: 於事無補
for the sake it: 只是為了好玩



(The China Post) Anything can be bought with vouchers: premier

(Taipei Times) Taiwan man with eight “wives” thrilled with consumer vouchers


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