The famous British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, recently urged the British government to take actions to improve its people's eating habits. Mr. Oliver believed if British people kept favouring fast food over home-cooking, they would soon be facing serious problems of having great population of overweight people in the country. Doesn't that sound familiar to our situation in Taiwan?......

It's not that hard to cook by yourself!


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The Presidents of the United States

美國一咳嗽,世界就感冒。最近吵翻天的美國總統大選,頻頻上全世界的頭版。對於美國總統,同學你知道幾個呢?New York Times秉持著美國大報的精神,將歷屆美國總統做了一個完整的介紹,讓我們一起來看看這些歷史上的大人物吧!

Study Skills Success--Grammar

每次寫作都出錯,想要對寫作上的文法來加強,又不知從哪開始?覺得文法書總是寫的拉里拉雜的,好像隔靴搔癢嗎?Study Skills Success針對英文寫作上,挑出幾個最重要的核心觀念,做成了很有用的練習。做完這些練習,同學下次英文寫作的時候,一定更有信心了!Let's go-->

Speaking to an Audience




GRE & GMAT EXAMS: Writing Workbook

延續上週的寫作主題,同學們在掌握TOEFL寫作的要點後,就可以準備更困難的GRE(Graduate Record Exam)和GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test)這兩種考試。儘管這兩種考試長久以來一直是台灣學生赴美深造的一大關卡,但其實要準備這些考試並沒有想像中的困難喔。只要加強培養我們寫作和邏輯思考的技巧,就能在分析寫作這個部份拿到高分。而這一次就是針對邏輯思考技巧的訓練而介紹這本書給大家,所以快進來看看吧!!!



When was the last time you cook for your family, your lover, or simply for yourself?
It's Saturday and Wayne and Annie didn't plan any place to go because they were simply tired of being crowded into any department stores or tourist spots. So Annie as usual was surfing on the Internet.

Annie: Honey, look! This news! Oliver is crusading against Brits' diet again.

Wayne: What's he against this time?

Annie: He said Brits are only interested in binge drinking and cheap takeaways. Brits nowadays don't care about cooking delicate dishes.

Wayne: Why bother to cook at home? Takeaways are cheap and yummy. And there are so many options available; from home-cooking menu to the vanguard of the most fashionable cuisine. And the best of all, they are almost everywhere; on streets and in supermarkets.

Annie: But they are not nutritious and fresh, and they are often laced with artificial ingredients. And even though there is no artificial ingredients laced in the food, those takeaways are always laden with salt and fat.

Wayne: So that's why they always satisfy our gastronomic excitement.

Annie: Alright, whatever. So, what's for dinner today?

Wayne: How about we go to a gourmet restaurant, or a cheap bistro, or how about going to a kiosk offering hot meals? A hearty veal goulash is absolutely desirable.

Annie: Are we going to eat out? It's Saturday so it's gonna be crowdy everywhere. It's already a quarter past 5, and we haven't booked a table yet.

Wayne: Yeah, that could take us a while to find a decent place for dinner.

Annie: Yeah, so how about we dine at home. We can cook by ourselves.

Wayne: You mean "I can cook by myself", don't you?

Annie: I can be your kitchen hand if you allow me to. Come on, you haven't cooked for a while. I do pine for your risotto, your smooth and creamy risotto.

Wayne: Yeah, I haven't cooked for a while. Alright, let's see what we've got in the fridge.

Annie: Great! Can you make it outrageously oozy? Don't make it too stodgy, and add extra Parmesan before you serve, please. Thank you!

Wayne: No wonder you don't like takeaway food.



crusade (v): 展開改革運動
kiosk (n): 涼亭;戶外亭子或棚子的餐廳
Brits (n) = Britons

hearty (adj): 營養味美的

binge (n): 毫無節制
veal (n): 小牛肉
takeaway (n): 外帶食物
goulash (n): 匈牙利燉牛肉
vanguard (n): 先驅;先鋒
kitchen hand (n): 在廚房的幫手
cuisine (n): 料理
risotto (n): 義大利燉飯
gastronomic (adj): 美食的;烹飪的
fridge (n) = refrigerator
gourmet (n): 美食
oozy (adj): 濃濃的
bistro (n): 小酒館
stodgy (adj): 原意為"塞得滿滿的",這裡是指"料太多的"


be laced with: 摻加...
be laden with: 有很多的...
pine for = long for = yearn for



(ABC NEWS) Brits can't cook for a downturn: Oliver

(BBC) Oliver warns over unhealthy diets

(The Sydney Morning Herald) Oliver sticks the knife into English food


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