Talk about the weather, say a little joke, praise people's clothing or, most awkwardly, ask for the time---- what would you do to bring yourself the utmost opportunity of showing people that you're generous and trusting? The answer can be as simple as holding a cup of hot coffee. U.S. researchers found that when we hold something warm, we tend to see other people more generous and trusting, and we ourselves can be less selfish. So, no wonder men always ask women for a cup of coffee......

After this hot latte, shall we talk?


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Always lack of an opportunity to have a warm chat with someone you adore? Get a warm coffee and begin the talk.
Andres and Peter were high school classmates, but now they are still housemates and working in the same company. Someday, Andres got home and excitedly told Peter about a person whom he met in the afternoon.

Andres: Guess whom I met this afternoon.

Peter: Lindsay Lohan?

Andres: No, not her. I know you have been eager to meet your queen someday.

Peter: Alright. So it must be your queen, Paris Hilton.

Andres: No, it's Penelope Diaz. Remember her? She was in our high school.

Peter: It's no wonder that you are making a sound and dance about that. Of course I remember her; your secret young love, though you are not young anymore.

Andres: The way she talked, the way she moved; she was just so astonishing, you know. I was so astounded to see her again after all the years. She was still so breathtaking. I didn't know how to behave in her presence, I mean yesterday.

Andres is talking to himself with a daydream expression.

Peter: Are you alright, mate?

Andres: Anyway, that's past tense.

Peter: Well, it's present tense. It's obviously that she's still got to you. Look at you, you're carrying on like a pork chop. Be cool, mate! Did you have a chat? Did you try to ask her out sometime for a coffee, as the pretext for a tryst? Did you ask her for the digits?

Andres: Yeah, We did have a short conversation, and I've got her digits. But I don't know if I should ask her out.

Peter: You must have got kangaroos loose in the top paddock if you don't ask her out.

Andres: But I don't know where to go and what to do. And besides, in high school time, she always looked so serene, as if pondering something, and she always spoke in a calm voice, occasionally with a faint smile on her face. I just couldn't find a topic to trigger her interest.

Peter: You sound like she was untouchable. Come on, probably that's just because you were strapped for a fair go to bring on a good conversation. But now, the window of opportunity is open, but it's gonna be closing soon again. So, you'd better take a chance. Just ask her to go out with you. That's not a big deal.

Andres: Alright. To a dinner?

Peter: Ask her to have an afternoon tea or coffee would be better, I reckon; especially when the climate is getting cold these days. You yourself can make the coffee if you want to. That's gonna be a special treat for her. Then find a place where is not too crowdy and too cozy; a bit chilly would be even better. You can serve youselves two mugs of hot coffee and some biscuits. In this cold weather, clutching and drinking a mug of hot coffee can surely bring on the sensation of warmth and melt her icy defence, and then it's gonna be easier to begin the talk, and she'll find that you're not really that boring, but a caring gentleman.

Andres: That's so fictional. Are you serious?

Peter: I swear by it. That definitely works.

Andres: What if it doesn't work?

Peter: I'll buy you a cup of iced coffee to cool you down, alright? Just ring her, don't be such a coward.

Andres then is searching for Penelope's number in the cellular phone...

Andres: I can't find it! Oh no............. I think I forgot to save it. I was too nervous. Oh no............. How am I going to find her again?

Peter: The window of opportunity is now officially closing. You, Andres Bachelor, are doomed to be alone for your whole life.



breathtaking (adj): 令人窒息的
chilly (adj): 涼涼的
pretext (n): 藉口
mug (n): (有把手)的大杯子
tryst (n): 約會;幽會
clutch (v): 抓緊
digits (n) = phone number
sensation (n): 感覺
serene (adj): 平靜的;安祥的
coward (n): 懦夫
faint (adj): 淡淡的
bachelor (n): 單身漢
trigger (v): 引起
doomed (adj): 註定的
cozy (adj): 暖暖很舒服的


make a sound and dance about: 對....興奮到手足舞蹈
get to: 讓......著迷
carry on like a pork chop: 小題大作;焦燥;忙亂
get kangaroos loose in the top paddock = be crazy
be strapped for: 缺少......
the window of opportunity: 希望之窗
take a chance: 孤注一擲
swear by: 保証......ㄧ定是好的



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(REUTERS) A hot cuppa helps melt hearts?


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