Some of you may not be familiar with the Bee Gees' great hit, Stayin' Alive; that's probably just because you're way too young to know the song. However, if someday you're involved in an accident and you're the only one who knows how to practice CPR to save the victim's life; yet worriedly, you're not sure about how fast you should do it. What can you do then? You'd better pray that you know the song, or someone can sing the song for you, so you can keep the victim staying alive......

Listen to the song, and stay alive! (Pic from El Paso-CPR)


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心肺復甦最夯金曲---Stayin' Alive
Listen to "Stayin' Alive", you help patients stay alive!

Ben and Wayne were housemates at university, and one day when Ben finished the class and got home. Before he reached the door, he could hear blaring disco music seeping through the door to the front yard. Then he entered with wonder and saw Wayne in the living room doing a weird practice.

Ben: What are you doing to that pillow?

Wayne is kneeling down on the floor and pushing down on a pillow.

Ben: Are you pumping it?

Wayne: Yeah, I'm pumping it. I'm practicing CPR chest compressions.

Ben: So, the pillow is Annie.

Wayne: Yeah, say hi to her.

Ben: Grow up, mate. Then, what's the music about?

Wayne: Oh, that's Stayin' Alive, The Bee Gees. Don't you know that song?

Ben: Yeah, I know that song. But when did you become a disco fan?

Wayne: No, that's just the song we used in the CPR course because it's very catchy.

Ben: Woo, the course sounds very energetic. You guys must be having fun there.

Wayne: Yeah, but the song was used not for having fun there. The instructor used the song to help us time the right beat when we were practicing on mannequins.

Ben: But the song is a bit old hat for you guys, isn't it. Maybe your instructor is a disco fan so he used the song in the course to remind him of the already-gone disco era.

Wayne: No, disco music or disco fans have nothing to do with this course! It's just that the song has the most proper rhythm to jump-start a stopped heart. That is, the rhythm of the song is 103 beats per minute while the recommended rate is 100 chest compressions per minute. So, it's better that we get hung up on the song's beat when doing chest compressions.

Ben: Woo, you are suddenly a guru of CPR. So, does that actually work?

Wayne: Sure! The average number of beats I've got per minute so far is around from 105 to 109. So, that really works.

Ben: That's cool. But can we use other songs, like...... Coldplay's Viva La Vida?

Wayne: Well, I don't know. Do you wanna try it?

Ben: Sure, I'll get the CD, and let's try it.

Wayne: That's cool; let's do an un-professional medical experiment.



blaring (adj): 大聲的
time (v): 對上節奏、頻率
seep (v): 滲出
mannequin (n): 擬真人的模型
pump (v): 按壓打氣筒的動作
rhythm (n): 節奏、韻律
Annie (n): 心肺復甦術使用的假人叫做Annie
guru (n): 精通某種領域專家
The Bee Gees (n): 英國比吉斯合唱團
Coldplay (n): 英國酷玩合唱團
catchy (adj): 容易記住的


kneeling down on the floor: 跪在地上
CPR = Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation: 心肺復甦術
chest compressions: 胸部 / 心臟按摩術
old hat = old fashioned
jump-start: 使...重新開始(跳動)
get hung up on: 專注於...



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