Is a new born baby going to do well at school? Just look at the baby's month of birth, then we can tell if the baby is going to have a bright start in life. A British research suggests that babies born between September 1and December 31 usually do much better than babies born in other months. Is that a fact in Taiwan as well? Well, maybe just ask yourselves and probably your friends too......

Do maple leaves remind you of geniuses?


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Inside Yellowstone

Inside Yellowstone 帶您一窺黃石公園的美麗景色,您可觀看數十部相關介紹影片,並且認識更多的黃石公園資訊。對於旅遊有興趣的人,千萬別錯過此網站喔。


E-Touch: Open Materials

本次介紹在E-Touch系統裡的Open Materials開放式教材,介紹如何利用這些開放式教材,來增加更多英語知識及技巧,其中主題包含有KK音標、初學者英語、中級英語、大一英文英語、看電影學英文、醫護類專業學習、長春藤英語、棒球英語等,趕快來看看吧!!


Short Story Radio




The Last King of Scotland

改編自同名小說,真實呈現70年代烏干達暴君---阿敏的故事。本片以一位蘇格蘭醫師的角度,敘述當時他抱著滿腔熱血到烏干達行醫,後來因緣際會而受阿敏賞識而成為他的御用醫師。也就是在這樣的情況下,這位年輕醫師看盡了阿敏,在"最後的蘇格蘭王"這樣自封的名號下,為整肅異己所犯下的種種兇殘暴行,也看盡了這位人魔暴君充滿爭議性的ㄧ生,最後的蘇格蘭"王"? 夫王者,非殺戮可成...



Autumn, the best season to welcome a genius baby!
It's another typhoon holiday again. With wind ruthlessly whipping everything on the street, Annie and Wayne therefore had got nowhere to go, except staying at home. While Annie was playing a PC game, the Age of Empire, to satisfy her concealed little ambition of being the queen above all kings, Wayne was surfing on the internet, looking for websites of funny videos and news to quench his overly interesting life of tackling with students' problems at school.

Wayne found an interesting piece of news, and then started saying......

Wayne: Babe, come and check this news. That explains everything. I was born in a wrong season. No wonder I was never a top-flight student.

Annie: In a second, I'm now about to demolish Longshanks' kingdom into ash, and wipe out all the traitors.

Wayne: Honey, you can't demolish Edward Longshanks' kingdom into ash in a game. It just disappears on the screen.

Annie: Oh, come on, it just makes me feel good by saying that....(then in a second, with the sound effect of the game...) Yes! I got you, Eddie. Now you know whom you shall bow to. As for you others, you shall now be in fears and terrors. You just wait and see.

Wayne: Congratulations, Your Majesty. It's my fondest hope that this conquering of virtual enemies will bring you nothing but happiness, and may you accept nothing but the 50th victory by the end of today.

Annie: Your utterance is indeed of blandishment. You're a man with a flattering tongue, Sir Wayne.

Wayne: Alright, please don't have my tongue cut out, my babe. Come and check out this news. It says babies born in autumn will have better academic performance and more likely will succeed in later life. So, we both were born in wrong seasons.

Annie read through the news, then said...

Annie: That's ridiculous and nonsense. I've never fallen out of the top 10 percent in any class, and I have even won scholarships for countless times since primary school.

Wayne: Really! Why didn't you tell me before?

Annie: Why? That's just water under the bridge.

Wayne: To get in the top 10 percent in my class? I've always got Buckley's; not to mention any scholarships.

Annie: That's because you used to wag it every day.

Wayne: I didn't wag it when I was in primary and high school...

Annie: But in university.

Wayne: Everyone wags it in university!

Annie: Not me. It's just the matter of time spent for study. So don't blame the season of birth for your bad academic performance. You yourself have to carry the can. This news is just.....

When Annie was going to say more, the game alerted an attack.

Wayne: I'm sorry to interrupt you, Your Majesty. But an intense attack has just been set upon your army. Your restless soldiers need your sagacious guidance and inspiring presence now. So I shall leave lest I may interrupt your successful maneuver.



quench (v): 平息
Your Majesty (n): 陛下
top-flight (adj) = superior;best
fond (adj): 喜歡的
demolish (v): 破壞;粉碎
conquer (v): 征服
Edward Longshanks (n): "長腿"愛德華,13世紀
blandishment (n): 甜言蜜語,諂媚,奉承
ash (n): 塵土
sagacious (adj): 睿智的
traitor (n): 叛國賊
inspiring (adj): 振奮人心的
Eddie (n): 英文名"Edward"常見的別稱
maneuver (n): 戰術
bow (v): 鞠躬


tackle with = deal with
be about to: 即將要去做...;馬上要去...
wipe out: 消滅
flattering tongue: 舌燦蓮花
water under the bridge: 微不足道的成年往事
I've got Buckley's: 原句為"You've Buckley's chance",意指"You've got no chance at all"
wag it: 翹課(澳)
carry the can: 承擔責任



(Times Online) Geniuses are born in autumn


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