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All these years of flying over the countries, I thought I have got some really awful flying experiences. So, hearing a baby's crying through out the whole flight is no worse than a lullaby. So, the worst one for me should be sitting in the middle of a 5-seat block for 10 hours. I got no chance to get up for the toilet because the other four passengers beside me were all pretty over sized, either by height or by weight. So, heading for a toilet? I might get myself wet when trying to squeeze out of the over-stuffed meat roll. That's gonna be a disaster. But what if this kind of disaster really happens, what would be the consequence???

That's a long way to the toilet.


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What makes a comfy flight? How about wrapping yourself with a blanket?

(Wayne and Ben were classmates when studying in Australia. After having acquired their degrees, they went back to their own countries to work. Today, Ben is waiting to pick up Wayne at an airport since Wayne is visiting Ben before his journey to another country.)

Wayne: Hey, how're you doing mate? I'm sorry to keep you wait so long.

Ben: That's fine. No worries, mate. I've just arrived a couple of minutes ago. It's good to see you. Come on, let's head off to your hotel, and tell me about your bonzer trip at our late dinner.

Wayne: Sure, let's get to the hotel. But before that, I wanna change my pants. It's awfully smelly.

(Wayne and Ben are walking to a toilet.)

Ben: So, how's the flight?

Wayne: In a nutshell, damn the flight company. Anyway, I'll tell you later after I wipe out all these filthiness.

(Wayne has finished, and they are walking to Ben's car.)

Wayne: Ah, this is much better.

Ben: So, what happened up there? Did you wee yourself in the cabin?

Wayne: No, I didn't. You're not going to believe this. It's someone who definitely couldn't hold that long to the airport, so he decided to just let the cushion soak up all the water. What a brilliant idea, isn't it? Use the cushion as a giant diaper with extraordinarily soaking ability.

Ben: That's really hideous. Then how come you got the wee?

Wayne: When I got on board, I wasn't acknowledged that the previous passenger of that particular seat had urinated himself during the flight. So when I found my seat in the cabin, I of course just sat down without a second thought. Then just a few seconds later, I felt the sensation of humidity spreading down below my thighs and bottoms. At the beginning I thought it's just water or worse it's just juice or soft drinks spilled onto the seat. But after I checked twice with my hand, I realised that it's urine.

Ben: Gosh, that's absolutely disgusting. Did you ask the flight attendants for help?

Wayne: Yeah, I was really irked, so I asked a flight attendant for an explanation, and how they're going to deal with this situation since there's no way that I took another flight.

Ben: Then what did they do to nut out the problem?

Wayne: They offered to upgrade my seat to the business cabin. I accepted that, and then I asked then how they're going to deal with the filthiness on my pants. They told me since there's no laundry facility available on board, I could change them when we arrived at the destination. That suggestion was given by a male flight attendant. So, I asked him, "how about we exchange our pants, and see if that's comfy for you to wear a pair of urinated pants for 6 hours".

Ben: Then what did he say?

Wayne: He simply said, "I'm sorry sir. But it's the company's rule that we have to wear the uniform when being on duty." And then I said, "Well, I don't care about your company's rule, so you'd better find me something to replace my pants, otherwise let's see if it's your last chance to wear your decent uniform."

Ben: You threatened him!

Wayne: I was really pissed off. Then another flight attendant offered to give me a blanket, so I could take off my pants, and use it to wrap myself.

Ben: So you sat in the business cabin with a blanket wrapping you up through out the entire flight?

Wayne: Yeah, What a bonzer flight.



comfy (adj) = comfortable
diaper (n): 尿布
bonzer (adj) = wonderful; remarkable
on board (adj) = 進入座艙的
filthiness (n):汙穢;不潔
urinate (v) = wee
wee (v): 尿
thigh (n): 大腿
cabin (n): 客艙
bottoms (n): 臀部
cushion (n): 坐墊
irked (adj) = annoyed
soak up (v): 吸收
business cabin (n): 商務艙


head off = leave (v)
In a nutshell: 以最簡短的話來說
nut out = solve



(The Boston Channel) Woman Says She Sat In Urine-Soaked Airplane Seat

(Live Leak) Woman Sits In Urine-Soaked Plane Seat


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