It's supposed to be a romantic trip for you and your lover only, but because of the traffic rule, you have to find one more person to join you otherwise you're not allowed to get onto the highway. Isn't that frustrating? Then, what could we do? A Kiwi (New Zealander) driver seemed to have found a way to fool the police that there were passengers with him in the car. Well, of course, he was the only one to be fooled in the end......

Who want to give us a ride?


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「Friends 六人行」幾乎是每個人都喜歡的美國影集,但是,當你隨著劇情捧腹大笑的同時,是否有注意到在影集當中不斷出現的實用美式會話用語?這次要介紹給你的是六人行的相關網站,在這裡你可以得知所有影集的相關訊息,包括演員動態、劇照等,更重要的是,這裡有每一集的完整對白,讓你看影集的同時也加強英文口語能力,現在就去一探究竟!







A date for two persons. It's not enough to make it to the highway!

Dummey: Ahh!! I really hate long holidays!

Phoney: What? You can't hate long holidays. Holidays are great, holidays are wonderful. Do you really prefer dozing off in class all day?

Dummey: I guess not. But whenever there are several days off, my girlfriend will always want to drive somewhere. But the traffic is always hell!! I just cannot handle another of those impossibly congested highways.

Phoney: Oh, I see. I heard that the government will enforce a High Occupancy Vehicle rule, allowing only cars with three or more passengers on the road. That will definitely make the traffic less clogged.

Dummey: That's another problem. You say "three or more", right? Me and my girlfriend only make two passengers.

Phoney: You can invite people to go on trips with you.

Dummey: Would you like to go on a trip with me and my girlfriend, dearest Phoney?

Phoney: Uh, not really. Your girlfriend blabbers on all the time, in her squeaky voice, too. Even though you are my good buddy, I don't want to be stuck in a car with her for too long.

Dummey: That's right. We can't get anybody to ride with us.

Phoney: Hey, I get it. I've read news stories about some antics that American and New Zealand drivers use to deceive the police patrols in such circumstances. Maybe you can try some of them.

Dummey: Cool, let me hear it.

Phoney: Here is one. Put pillows in a baby seat to say that you are traveling with a baby.

Dummey: Dude! My girlfriend will definitely get the wrong idea if I start shopping for baby seats. Come on, give me another one.

Phoney: Hm. Ok, what about strapping inflatable dolls onto a seat?

Dummey: Inflatable dolls. Uh, you mean, uh…

Phoney: Sorry, I forgot that you are traveling with your girlfriend. Here, a woman used a life-size mannequin – you know, like the dummies they use in clothes shops – complete with a wig and makeup.

Dummey: Actually, I always think mannequins are rather creepy, especially when they are not fully assembled – scattering hands, bent legs, and lifeless pupils

Phoney: Alright, alright, you are giving me the creeps too. What about this: one man dressed a garbage can in a trench coat, Halloween mask, and basketball cap. I hope you are not freaked out by garbage can.

Dummey: I am not, but my garbage can stinks quite bad.

Phoney: What about balloons? Of course, you will have to draw faces on them.

Dummey: Honesty, this is ludicrous. I don’t think any police officers would be fooled by a garbage can or a balloon with a face. Maybe I will just enjoy the traffic jam on those roads without the High Occupancy Vehicle rule.

Phoney: Well, I think there is only one solution. How about you ditching your garrulous girlfriend, and going on a trip with me and Frankie?



doze off (v) 打瞌睡

wig (n) 假髮

congested (adj) 壅塞的

creepy (adj) 令人毛骨悚然的

High Occupancy Vehicle (ph) 高承載

assemble (v) 組裝

clog (v) 塞滿,阻塞

pupil (n) 瞳孔

blabber (v) 喋喋不休

the creeps (n) 毛骨悚然的感覺

squeaky (adj) 尖聲的

trench coat (n) 風衣

antic (n) 滑稽的動作;古怪的行為

stink (v) 發出惡臭

patrol (n) 巡邏隊

ludicrous (adj) 荒唐可笑

inflatable (n) 充氣的;可膨脹的

ditch (v) [俚] 拋棄,丟棄

mannequin (n) 人體模型

garrulous (adj) 多話的

dummy (n) 假人;[口] 笨蛋



(The New Zealand Herald) Transit Lane Chancers A Pack of Dummies

(The New York Times) Lane Requires 3 to a Car

(The Seattle Times) Car-Pool Lane Not for Dummies


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