Have you found your Mr. Right or Ms. Right? If yes, how's your Valentine's Day going, and what have you bought for your lover? Not plural, definitely! Two pairs of identical shoes could be an option for the next present. Some people have spent all their life to look for their Mr. or Ms. Right, but end up with seemingly endless broken relationships, or worse, regrettable one-night stands. They maybe once in a while ponder at night "what's wrong with me?" Their problem could be simply that they aren't used to being in their lover's shoes yet......

Can you be in my shoes, honey?


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It can't be wrong when we are in our lover's shoes.

Wayne: Morning, mate. How's your Valentine's Day going?

Werner: Pretty good. We went for a dinner and we gave presents for each others. That's pretty cliche as it should be.

Wayne: Well though that's really cliche in someway, it is still necessary to express affection to our loved ones.

Werner: I know. But it's just that I wanted to do something different for her. But you know. We've always been busy on our work, and don't actually have time to think about how we can celebrate it. So then, we just dance to the tune of media, or just follow in other couples' footsteps. Everyone is saying a date can't go wrong with a candle light, flowers and mood music. But it's just so so cliche, isn't it. Everyone is undergoing the same ceremony to celebrate their divine love.

Wayne: Well, I've really done something different for the divinity this time. The stupidest thing I've ever done. I forgot to withdraw some money before picking her up. Then while we're having our dinner, it came up to me that I've got only coins in my pockets. So, of course Annie paid for the dinner. The dinner didn't cost big bikkies. It's my mindlessness about the date that really upset her. But that's not the worst part. I even hadn't done any plan for what we could do after the dinner. So then we had a blue.

Werner: Woo, that's really a different Valentine's Day, mate. You've done it. That's really a good try to lengthen your memoir of regrettable and doomed relationships, and consolidate the image of being promiscuous among your male friends, so everyone can keep counting your conquests, and you can enjoy the taste of sour grapes.

Wayne: Stop pouring derision on me. I'm not promiscuous. You know that.

Werner: I know you were and are not. You've just always been Mr. Wrong. And now you've finally found your Ms. Right. So, what's the matter with you? Don't tell me anything like "I was too busy to make any plan", or "it's not our anniversary anyway" and what have you as your excuses. You forgot. That's the truth. And then what happened?

Wayne: Then I came up with the suggestion that we buy two pairs of identical shoes. That's the only idea I've only thought about for the date. I hope that can bring the symbolic meaning of we are always in each other's shoes.

Werner: Well, you always know how to blag.

Wayne: I didn't blag! I really meant it.

Werner: Ok, you're eloquent, alright?

Wayne: Anyway, I gotta plan for our anniversary. It's coming really soon. I can't bear to let her down again.

Werner: Alright, go for it, Romeo.



cliche (n): 老套;陳腔濫調
promiscuous (adj): 濫交的
divine (adj): 神聖的
conquest (n): 征服
withdraw (v): 領錢
sour grape (n): 酸葡萄(心理)
bikkie (n) = biscuit
derision (n): 嘲笑
memoir (n): 回憶錄
blag (v): 花言巧語;哄騙
doomed (adj): 註定不幸的
eloquent (adj): 有口才的;雄辯的


dance to someone's tune: 聽從.....的指示行事
follow in someone' footsteps: 跟.....作一樣的事
cost big bikkies = cost a lot of money
have a blue = have an argument
what have you = and so on
in each someone's shoes: 站在.....的立場;替.......著想



(The Daily Record) Mr Wrong finally gets Mrs Right

(ABC News) Police punished for fining Chinese huggers

(China Daily) It's Chinese Valentine's Day today


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