Two typhoons visited us last months. Their visits were surely not welcome ones, and have caused us a huge amount of agricultural loss, and serious casualties, and of course brought the victims a memory of deep sadness. We're lucky to be the ones whose life has not been affected by these merciless visitors. While having this grateful thought in mind, some people may find a mocking way to express their helplessness......

Honey, how long do we have to wait for the bus?


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Let's enjoy the "typhoon holiday" by swimming through the street!

(A typhoon has approached this morning, but Jamie still went out for having breakfast. Now, he has got home and of course has not eaten yet.)

Jamie: This weather is killing me!

Russ: Of course, it's killing! There is a typhoon out there!

Jamie: I didn't expect it to be so strong. It's not raining out there. It's more like someone is dumping water down to the Earth. I thought it would be just a weak one, and I could go out for a lazy breakfast to enjoy this extra holiday.

Russ: Yeah, surely you can enjoy this holiday! Just go to the beach for surfing. The winds today can surely whip up giant waves and give you the excitement of utmost. Or just find a river for rafting. The pouring rain can surely make the stream so strong that it's gonna be more breath-taking than you have ever experienced in anywhere else.

Jamie: You sound like a tour guide. Why don't you hang a banner out the apartment saying "Hitchhike a Typhoon, and Get Away From It All".

Russ: That's fast! I didn't expect you would respond to my sarcasm so immediately when you're so drenching wet.

Jamie: Don't be surprised. I'm drenching wet now though, that's just a knee-jerk reaction to make response to any jerk's satirical language. And by the way, there is no need to go to a river for rafting. Any street in our suburb can be a great rafting route.

Russ: What do you mean? Is it flooding again?

Jamie: Yeah, the deepest area is about waist high, so I left my scooter on an island, and then walked.

Russ: On an island?

Jamie: Yeah, a safety island. So I walked back here, though it's literally more like I swam back here.

Russ: I don't think we need MRT in this city. Instead, MFT is what we need to exactly meet the uniqueness of this city, the city of more than waterfront. We ARE in the water.

Jamie: Then, what does MFT stand for?

Russ: Metro Ferry Transportation. We need ferries, boats, not cars and buses, and we need ferry wharfs, not train stations. The city hall has to keep pace with the city's real needs.

Jamie: Yeah, and no one would go cycling for exercise. Instead, we could go snorkeling or scuba diving, and probably we could find heaps of valuables in those flooded buildings. Like this morning, I saw a big suitcase floating down the street. Who knows what would be in it! Probably people's jewellery or money are floating everywhere in the city.

Russ: Yeah, and you'd better go out again with a huge fishing net to make a killing.

Jamie: To go out again? I think I'll be the one to get killed first.



dump (v): 傾倒
scooter (n): 速克達;台灣最多的塑膠殼機車
whip (v): 原意為"抽打",在此指突然刮起的大風
safety island (n): 安全島
utmost (adj): 極致的
MRT (n) = Mass Rapid Transportation
rafting (n): 泛舟
uniqueness (n): 獨特之處
stream (n): 水流
waterfront (n): 水岸
sarcasm (n): 揶揄
metro (adj) = metropolitan: 大都會的
drenching wet (adj): 全身溼透透的
ferry (n): 渡船
knee-jerk reaction (n): 膝反射動作
wharf (n): 碼頭
satirical (adj): 挖苦的;諷刺的
cycling (n): 騎自行車
pour (v): 倒 (湯、水之類的動作)
snorkeling (n): 浮潛


to get away from it all: 遠離文明生活去渡假
to keep pace with: 跟上.....的腳步
to make a killing: 賺大錢



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(ABC News) Taiwan Mops up After Typhoon

(BBC News) Typhoon Fung-Wong lashes Taiwan


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