It takes all kinds to make a world. Imagine you're taking a critical exam, what would you do when you've got no idea how to answer the questions on the sheet? Shuffle through the question sheets to see if there is any clue; look out the window, if you can, to clear you mind; take a nap to calm down yourself; or have your nails cut for refreshment! A student was found having his nails cut while he was taking the college entrance exam in Taiwan. This action of course was not allowed by the authority, and 2 points thus were deducted from the student's score. That's quite an experience for the student. Then what's yours? Would that be like Wayne's?.......

Nail-cutting Exam!!!


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The Longest Day

1944年6月6日,三百萬名武裝士兵、ㄧ萬ㄧ千架飛機,以及四千艘軍艦在這一天全部投入二次世界大戰的歐洲戰場,這是希特勒納粹德國註定敗亡的一天。看過"搶救雷恩大兵"或是"諾曼地大空降"這兩部戰爭寫實影片的同學們,相信對影片中刻畫這次反攻行動的慘烈戰鬥仍餘悸猶存。"最長的一日"(The Longest Day),與現今的電影特效技術相比,當然達不到震攝人心的目的,但本片琢磨更多的是參戰各方軍民對這場戰役,或是對整個歐戰的期待、不耐與焦躁不安。



When taking an exam, we could have more things to do, other than answering questions!!!

Wayne: Babe, what's our plan for this weekend? Is there any place you wanna visit?

Annie: This weekend? Aren't you going to supervise the exam?

Wayne: The exam? Oh, yeah, GEPT. I almost forgot that cash cow; definitely don't wanna miss any chance to bring home the bacon.

Annie: Not GEPT! The entrance examination that is! Is there any letter representing "examination" in G E P T? I wonder why they hire you.

Wayne: Because I speak English, and I know GEPT means General English Proficiency Test!

Annie: Ok then, fair enough, but that's the entrance exam you're going to supervise this time. So don't get lost!

Wayne: I won't. Don't worry about that! I'm not one of those examinees, and it's not the D-day for me. That's ages ago.

Annie: Yeah, that's really a long time ago. Do you remember why I hate the noise of cicada?

Wayne: Ehhh...because it's noisy?

Annie: Of course it's noisy! Anyway, that's because the noise reminds me of the days when I took the college entrance exam. I was so toey as to get nausea and reflux. The heart-burning sensation was absolutely terrible.

Wayne: Poor you, my dear. I wasn't as nervous as you were, but the summer heat indeed gave me a hard time. It's really pathetic that we had all the exams held in burning hot summer time. The classrooms were always so stifling hot. Sitting in those rooms was like being baked in an oven. Sometimes, when I got bored during the exam, I could see sweat secreted from the skin. It's just like watching a bunch a pork meat being grilled in an oven, and the fat oozing out of the meat.

Annie: That's yucky! How could you describe yourself like that? And how come you had got the time to get BORED?

Wayne: I got no answer in my mind, so what else could I do? Anyway, I've got more to tell you, the humidity. That made the situation even worse. My answer sheets were always drenched by sweat. I had always to be so cautious as not to tear the papers. So not to mention my shirts, they were often completely soaking wet. And the smell, I bet you would not....

Annie: Stop it. I don't wanna listen to your filthy description. Ok?

Wayne: Ok, understood. but I've got more to tell you. There was one time I saw a student taking out an ear pick, and then he started to clean his ear. And then of course, the supervisor came over to him, and told him not to clean his ear during the examination. But then unexpectedly, the student boldly told her that his ear's annoyingly itching, and he just had too much ear wax, and that's really making him uncomfortable!..... Can you believe it? Why didn't he have his toenails cut by the way?

Annie: You can be the first one if you want to.

Wayne: Well, thanks for the suggestion. But I think it's better to leave the privilege to someone else.

Annie: Ok....and by the way, just for curiosity, why did you always seem to have nothing to do but getting bored and observing other people? Weren't you supposed to be busy on question sheets?

Wayne: Yeah, I was busy; busy for finding some alternative ways to answer questions....



cash cow (n): 賺大錢的方式、管道、機會
ooze out (v): 慢慢地滲出
examinee (n): 考生
yucky (adj): 噁心的
D-day (n): 決定性的一天
humidity (n): 溼氣;溼度
cicada (n): 蟬
drenched (adj): 浸濕的
toey (adj) = nervous [澳]
cautious (adj): 小心翼翼的
nausea (n): 暈眩的
tear (v): 撕破
reflux (n): 胃液逆流
soaking wet (adj): 溼透透的
heart-burning sensation (n): 燒心的感覺 (因胃液逆流)
ear pick (n): 掏耳棒
stifling hot (adj): 悶熱的
ear wax (n): 耳垢
sweat (n): 汗水

privilege (n): 特別的恩典;特權

secrete (v): 分泌


bring home the bacon: 賺錢給家裡用



(PChome 新聞) 「指」考首例 不答卷剪指甲 考生被扣分



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