Think about what you would do if you find something "extra" in your coffee, salad or whatever you ordered. That could make your dining an exciting experience. Two diners in New Zealand were taken into a hospital after they drank the coffee which was added with cleaning liquid. The restaurant was of course charged by the court afterwards. Though unpleasant events as such surely don't happen every day, other minors do happen to each one of us now and then, such as.......

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OpenLearn是英國開放大學(Open University)所製作的線上學習網站;由於這個網站是以空中大學的概念,亦即線上學習,建製,內文豐富且詳細,以求讓學員可以藉由網站資料確實學習其主題。兒這個網站最棒的一點就是提供了一份課程所需的學術文本,讓學生學生一邊閱讀一邊比對各項建議在實際文本中試如何運用的,進而確實學習這些閱讀技巧的使用方法,現在就先去看詳細的說明吧!....然後再去看看什麼叫英式空中大學!

Author Plus 研究生專區: 學術字彙


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Guide to Grammar and Writing 是一個專門為英語寫作及文法設計的網站,網站中有詳細的文法練習分類,包括Word and Sentense Level及 Paragraph Level,進入各項分類後可以瀏覽文法解說,然後到Quiz將學到的文法句型運用在練習題的範文中……文法寫作大結合!!!




究竟GENGHIS KHAN (成吉思汗)是個殘忍的暴君,還是個有遠見的君主?對於這個問題,歷史學家們或許有許多不同的見解,但不可否認的是,他的確是世界上,有史以來領土範圍最廣大的統治者。他所率領的蒙古鐵騎,除了先併吞鄰近的大宋皇朝,更踏平了遠在中亞的波斯帝國,這支勁旅的鐵蹄最遠更踏進了今天的維也納。他在位時,蒙古帝國幅員之遼闊,已是羅馬帝國的兩倍,更是亞歷山大大帝所遠不及的四倍之多的!一個蒙古草原上小小部族首領的兒子,成吉思汗是如何讓800多年前的歐亞非各國,都敗於他的麾下???



Go dining in a restaurant; are you to be served or to be riled?

Lucio: Hey, Basil. Do you have any good restaurant to suggest? I mean the sort of places where the mains are around 50 bucks, the atmosphere is a mixture of amatory and artsy, the environment has to be tidy, and of course the food has to be absolutely amazing. I'm going to have a dinner with Rosalia tonight. Come on, give me some great ideas! I'm in a hurry.

Basil: So you're looking for a restaurant which is romantic and clean, and its food is cheap and delicious. I know one place which definitely fits your criteria. It provides seasonal vegetables and finest rump steaks fused with an exotic Asian taste.

Lucio: Awesome! Where is it?

Basil: Just cook on your own! You can find some finest steaks in a supermarket. Just marinate the steaks in red wine and season with some garlic or herbs; then you'll get a mouthwatering steak. Then you can light up some candles to feature a romantic ambiance in your small dinning room.

Lucio: Give me a break! Come on, big chef, I can't cook, and I've got no time now!

Basil: Ok. Well, there's a bistro in my neighbourhood. There's one time I went there and ordered a mocha-caramel Latte and a raspberry pudding. The staffs there were absolutely delightful. They're so attentive, as if I've always been there for my morning coffee every day. So I felt like a pampered VIP. Then when the latte is served, I noticed that the foam was a bit unusual because it wasn't creamy white. It's just too transparent. The latte was like covered with tiny bubbles. Then when I took it close to my nose to smell it, I could smell something like dishwashing detergent. So then I asked one of the waitresses what in the latte was. And she said coffee, milk and caramel syrup, with a delightful yet teasing face as if I were asking for their secret recipe.

Lucio: Well then, what's in the latte actually?

Basil: I don't know. Some kind of detergent probably. I asked the waitress to smell it, then she replied me with an official saying "Maybe it's because of the new dishwashing machine. You know new machines always have unpleasant odor." Then they wanted to give me another cup of latte, but I rejected and left without complaining. But I definitely won't be back there in a hurry. God knows what I'll find in my coffee next time.

Lucio: So, it's not a good place to go.

Basil: No, absolutely not a choice.

Lucio: So?????

Basil: And there is another time. A friend and I went to a local restaurant in my neighbourhood. We were so starving then, and really wanted to pig out a big meal. But the time was not right, so the restaurant wasn't providing any mains. So we ordered a chicken Caesar salad and a smoked chicken salad instead. Then we waited for almost half an hour. Do you believe that!!! 30 minutes, just for a meal which had been obviously left in a fridge for hours. What's more unbelievable was that the meals were nothing short of hilarious. Our chicken salad barely had any chicken on it, but had quite a few brown lettuce, and it even was garnished with soggy stale croutons and sugar-coated peanuts! Come on, is that a new strategy to scare away customers? You don't need sugar coated peanuts, lousy service will do.

Lucio: So, you don't suggest this one.

Basil: No, not this one either; unless you want to taste some hilarious meals. And last week, I went to a restaurant which.......

Lucio: Hold..hold on a second! Don't you think it would be more helpful if you just tell me which specific restaurants are good ones?

Basil: I'm helping you narrow down your choices!

Lucio: Ok, anyway, I'll google them on the Internet. I'd better go now, it's almost 5. Bye!

Basil: Ok, bye. But hey...hey, don't go to the Italian restaurant on King William Road. It's.....

Lucio: Yeah, yeah, I'll catch ya tomorrow. (Lucio replied reluctantly and left in quite a hurry!!)



riled (adj) = annoyed
caramel (n): 焦糖

main (n) = main meal: 主菜

raspberry (n): 覆盆子
buck (n) = dollar
pudding (n): 布丁
amatory (adj) = romantic
attentive (adj): 注意的;留心的
artsy (adj) = arty: 藝術家氣息的
pampered (adj): 備受款待的
tidy (adj) = clean
foam (n): 泡沫
criteria (n) = standard
detergent (n): 洗潔精
seasonal (adj): 當季的
recipe (n): 食譜
rump (adj): 後腿部份的
odor (n): 異味
exotic (adj): 異國的
lettuce (n): 萵苣
marinate (v): 浸滷汁
garnish (v): 裝飾(食物上的)
season (v): 調味
soggy (adj): 浸過水的
mouthwatering (adj): 令人垂涎欲滴的;令人口水直流的
stale (adj): 不新鮮的;走味的
ambiance (n) = atmosphere
croutons (n): 沙拉上常見的吐司切丁
chef (n): 大廚
sugar-coated (adj): 裹上糖衣的


fuse with: 與.....融合
pig out: 大吃



(AOL News) New Zealand cafe serves dishwashing liquid

(Perth Now) Are you sick of the bad service in WA restaurants?



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