A British website poll revealed that bosses called John and Anne are most likely to give their staff a hard time. Then what are the mean bosses called in Taiwan? Hope you've got no suggestion to give! But, what if you're so unlucky to have a long list of names to tell, and it is often something of fun and hilariousness when friends listen to your exciting office story? What would you do then? Just laugh away, walk away, or make it a profitable way.

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BBC Learning English: Talking Business

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Open Yale Courses

還記得前兩期介紹給大家的MIT World嗎?這次要介紹給大家的是耶魯大學秉持相同的理念,而跟進做出來的網頁:Open Yale Courses!雖然目前提供的課程只有少少七門課,不過可別小看這七門課喔,耶魯大學可是精心得把整學期的課程講稿、音檔和影片都放在網路上提供給同學做完整的遠距學習呢!同樣的,Freeway提供了一個介紹網頁介面和資源的簡報帶大家一探究竟!……先來去看解說……直奔耶魯大門



Writing Research Papers




"天將降大任於斯人也,必先苦其心志,勞其筋骨,餓其體膚,空乏其身,行拂亂其所為,所以動心忍性,增益其所不能"----- 職場生力軍 共勉之
Ask not what you can do for your boss; ask what your boss can do for you.

(Russell Hansen and Sally Morris were classmates in the university, and they got graduated last year. They are currently working in different companies. Tonight, they want to have dinner together, but Russell is late.)

Sally: Hello Russell. What took you so long?

Russell: I'm really pissed off by that pointy-haired wrinkle-sac. He is driving me nuts. Someday when the worm turns, I'll definitely give him a hard time.

Sally: What's happened?

Russell: This morning, I arrived at the office pretty early. It wasn't the office time yet, so I wasn't in a hurry to finish my brekkie. Then while I was having my coffee and sanger, and surfing on the Internet, my boss came in the office and saw me enjoying my relaxing brekkie time. Then he said, "Am I at the wrong place? It's an office, not a cafeteria, isn't it? Mr. Hansen, you are not hired to google around, and make no contribution to the company! Don't be a lazy slacker. Go and check your schedule for today, and don't forget who paid the coffee and the sanger!" After he finished, I peeked at the clock on the wall. It was a quarter to 8. "What a jerk", I said to myself.

Sally: Yeah, and how could he even say that "don't forget who paid the coffee and the sanger"? You paid, of course. You earned them. What a jerk, indeed!

Russell: And then in the afternoon, he did that again, that annoying behaviour! He stood at his office door and whistled to summon some of the staffs, including me. What was he thinking of us? Tail-wagging puppies!? Then, why not play throw-and-catch?

Sally: So, that's what delayed your leaving the office.

Russell: No, just a few minutes before I could leave, I was called upon to his office. And guess what I was asked to do this time. He asked me to walk his sharpei. That wrinkle-skinned creature seemed to have endless wee-wee, just like its owner.

Sally: Poor you. It seems we've got the same problem. My boss is the most anal-compulsive person I've ever met. He picks up every detail in the reports I gave him. He once asked me to do a report all over again just because he was not in favour of the colour of the papers!

Russell: What was the colour?

Sally: White, of course! But he just thought it's not white enough.

Russell: Maybe you should use bleach next time.

Sally: Yeah, I'll do that. And my boss had a toilet in his own office because he thought it's hideous to share toilet bowls with others. Then there's one time, I was called to his office, so I got a pen and note papers, then went immediately, then I knocked on the door, and he yelled, "Come in", as if I was thousand miles away. Then when I got in, he was in the toilet with the door ajar. I didn't see him, but I could tell he was having number two. Then he said "Ms. Morris, could you type out a letter to my son in abroad? I'm quite busy now."

Russell: Gosh, what's wrong with him? He couldn't care any less about others. That's hideous!

Sally: Well, our office life is really exciting!

Russell: Yeah, let's think about selling our stories to soap opera producers.



pointy-haired (adj): 只有幾根頭髮的

summon (v): 集合;召喚

wrinkle (adj): 皺巴巴的
Tail-wagging (adj): 搖著尾巴的
sac (n): 袋子
sharpei (n): 沙皮狗
brekkie (n) = breakfast (英)
wee-wee (n): 噓噓;小便 (澳)
sanger (n) = sandwich (澳)
anal-compulsive (adj): 極盡吹毛求疵的
slacker (n): 敷衍取巧者
bleach (n): 漂白劑
peek (v): 偷喵
hideous (adj): 可怕的;遭人厭的
jerk (n): 渾球
toilet bowl (n): 馬桶
whistle (v): 吹口哨
ajar (adj): 微開的


be pissed off: 被惹得很不高興
drive someone nuts: 把某人搞到瘋掉
the worm turns: 長期以來一直被欺壓,最後爆發
a quarter to 8 = 7:45
have number two: 上大號



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