SPEED KILLS! That's a common sense among drivers. But while some drivers think driving slowly is a better way to avoid accidents, others think the better way to avoid accidents is to drive at or close to the speed limit. Some police around the world seem to agree with that, and thus are willing to give tickets to slow drivers. That could be good news for drivers who are often frustrated by being stuck behind somebody who drives well below the speed limit, but surely not good news for new drivers, aged drivers, or drivers who just love to ease their way of driving on the road.

Do you dare to drive below the speed limit?


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BBC: Singer and the Song




Freeway會員專區中,有個同學也許不常造訪的區域 - BBC影片。在這裡,我們將BBC製作的精美影片放到網路上,分段製作練習題目,同學不但能夠在家裡就欣賞到這些影片,還能透過我們的練習題目,來加強英文的練習。...... 怎麼使用好看的BBC影片學英文?

MIT World

這次要介紹的是麻省理工學院的演講影片網站MIT WORLD。結合了MIT的學術聲望,以及MIT開放資源計畫慷慨分享資源的精神,這個優秀的網站開放讓使用者免費觀看麻省理工學院的各演講活動的錄影,對各位想聽學術演講,學習學術場合中英語聽力的同學們,真是一大福音。在Freeway的簡報介紹中,我們詳細解釋了MIT WORLD的特色、網頁介面,並且給予一些建議,說明如何使用MIT WORLD來練習英語學術聽力。......先看Freeway影音介紹......直奔MIT



Academic Writing for Graduate Students

上上一期為同學介紹了一本學術寫作的參考書"Academic Encounters",這一次要再為各位介紹另一本同樣講述學術寫作的參考書,讓各位能有所比較,更能知道自己在這一類的寫作真正欠缺的技巧為何。"Academic Writing for Graduate Students "共有8大單元,涵蓋最基礎的何謂學術性寫作,和最終要讀者寫出一篇Research Paper,循序漸進地帶領讀者暸解學術性寫作中各個部份的要點。.....來做點小研究吧!



Drive Fast, Unless Otherwise Indicated!

(It was Friday night, and Damien was driving through a scenic route to a small beach town for his holidays. It was dark and there was literally nothing viewable, except some traffic signs. But Damien was still pretty enjoying his driving, without knowing a massive queue of cars tailing after. About 30 minutes later, he was overtaken by a sirening police car with its roof lights flashing, and then he got pull over by the police.)

Officer: Good evening, sir.

Damien: Good day, officer. What can I do for you?

Officer: Can I see your license, please?

Damien: Sure, not a problem. Did I speed? (Damien scrabbled in his wallet for the license.)

Officer: No. Is this your car?

Damien: Yes, it's my car, and there you go, my license and my rego paper.

Officer: Thank you. And do you have any idea of what the speed limit on this road is?

Damien: I don't know. But you told me I didn't speed. So, what's problem?

Officer: It's correct that you didn't speed. But you're way too slow.

Damien: Way too slow! What do you mean?

Officer: The speed limit on this road is 90 kilo metres per hour. But you drove at 40. It's a huge risk that you may make other drivers to brake dramatically, and to take evasive actions to avoid a collision. So I have to give you a ticket for hindering traffic, and you'll also lose 3 demerit points for this infringement.

Damien: A ticket! I am just out here for a relaxing slow drive. What's wrong with that? Why can't I just be a "Sunday Driver" if I'm in no hurry to get anywhere? People who want to drive to the speed limit can just fly past me, can't they? Besides, driving slowly makes the road a safer place. Isn't that the message entrenched in our psyche? Officer, I'm mature, and I know what I'm doing behind the wheel. Compared to those reckless street racers, I cause no tricky situations to other road users. And I .........

Officer: Sir, sir, did you drink tonight? I can smell alcohol just by standing next to your car.

Damien: I didn't drink. It was my friends, who drank at the party.

Officer: Would you step outside the car, please? I need to breathalyse you.

Damien: What for? Have I done anything illegal? Have I breached any law? Do I look like a criminal? No. I don't, do I? So please don't waste any time on me. I've already got a dull and empty life to live on with.

Officer: Sir, you've not been charged with any offence yet, and you will be if you do not cooperate with me. Is that clear, sir?

Damien: Ok, you're the boss here.

(Minutes later, Damien finished the breathalyser test.)

Officer: You're just a bit below the limit. So you did drink.

Damien: Just one sip. So, can I go now?

Officer: Sure, and here's your ticket. Don't forget to pay the fine.

Damien: Sure, I'll also remember to lodge a dispute notice.

Officer: Then don't forget to make it clear whether you're going to lodge a dispute notice or a complaint.

Damien: What's the difference?

Officer: You may check the related information online. You can go now, sir. Have a nice evening.



scenic route (n): 觀光公路
demerit point (n): 違規扣點
massive (adj): 巨大的;大量的
infringement (n): 違反;侵犯
queue (n) = line
entrench (v): 原意為"圍以壕溝"、"使盤踞",
overtake (v): 超越;超車
sirening (adj): 警笛大響的
psyche (n): 意識;精神
speed (v): 超速
breathalyse (v): 對.....作酒測
scrabble (v): 摸尋;掏
breach (v): 違反
rego (n) = registration
offence (n): 罪行;犯罪
speed limit (n): 速限
sip (n): (吸)一口
evasive (adj): 迴避的
lodge (v): 遞交;申請
collision (n): 撞擊
dispute (n): 爭議
hindering traffic (n): 妨礙交通
complaint (n): 申訴;抱怨


tail after: 尾隨
get pull over: 被攔停
behind the wheel = drive a car
be charged with: 被控以.....



(BBC News) Pensioner fined for slow driving

(ABC News) Drivers fined for slow-driving on scenic bridge

(REUTERS) China drivers fined for slow-drive on scenic bridge


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