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What would you do if you just cannot find anything handy when you really want to attack someone? No, there is not even a folding chair in sight.

You might pick up a random something to throw at your enemy. That was exactly what a New Zealand man did - he picked up a hedgehog, and threw it for quite a few meters.

Now he had been charged of assualt, and instigated the anger of one of the greatest video game characters - Sonic the Hedgehog.

Let's see what Sonic has to say about this incident!

Do I look like a weapon that you can throw like a ball?


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Hedgehog - next generation deadly weapon.


Mario: What’s that blue thing charging towards me? …. Ouch! (shrinking from the impact 1 )

Sonic: (stopping) Huh? Oh, Mario.

Mario: Sonic!! I know you run faster than the speed of sound, but you really have to watch where you are dashing. Thanks to you, now I have to find a new magic mushroom. Bye.

Sonic: Hey, wait. I am sorry. That has cost me some golden rings too. 2 I am just really angry.

Mario: Angry at me?

Sonic: Of course not. You are the cute and cuddly Mario that everybody loves.

Mario: Is that an insult? I am supposed to be an action hero.

Sonic: And you are. Well, I am upset about this news story: a man has been accused of assaulting a boy – with a hedgehog.

Mario: Ho, sounds like a prickly instance. What kind of assault are we talking about here? Does the man just rub the hedgehog on the boy’s face or what?

Sonic: It would be fairly brutal if it’s on the face. No. Police said that the man simply hurled the hedgehog about 5 meters at the boy. The poor creature hit the boy in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks.

Mario: Cool, like a ninja star you mean?

Sonic: Hey. There are people suffering from the event.

Mario: Yeah, the poor boy. I can imagine the look on the kid’s face when a hedgehog flies towards him.

Sonic: . . .or the look on the hedgehog’s face as a leg hurtled towards it! You human beings totally ignore the feelings of hedgehogs. You don’t understand how it is to be so spiky all your life, and now being used as a weapon. . .

Mario: Hey, Sonic, why do you care?

Sonic: I am a hedgehog.

Mario: No way! Sonic, you are blue!

Sonic: So what, you are short!!

Mario: All right, all right. Calm down, Sonic. You don’t want to lose any more golden rings and I haven’t found my mushroom yet. Let’s try to be peaceful here. I am sure the legal system will punish the man.

Sonic: Yeah, if he is convicted of assault with weapon, he faces up to five years in prison. However, he should have faced an animal cruelty charge, too.

Mario: He is not?

Sonic: Well, the hedgehog was dead when it was collected as evidence. They are still trying to determine whether it was dead or alive at the time of the alleged attack. If he was already dead then, the animal cruelty charge would not stand.

Mario: You know, if the hedgehog was alive, he must be very short on golden rings at the time, just like you.

Sonic: You’re right. We are both a clash away from game over. Better go find some gold rings. (rushing forward)

Mario: Sonic! That’s the wrong way! You are running towards me! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic~~~


- Game Over -




Note 1: In the video game, Mario shrinks from impact with enemies. He grows big again by eating a magic mushroom. However, if he sustains an impact when being small in size, he will lose one life. ^

Note 2: Throughout the video game, Sonic collects golden power rings. When he clashes with enemies, Sonic loses certain amount of power rings and does not immediately lose a life. However, if Sonic is harmed when he does not have any golden rings, he will lose one life. ^



charge (v) 向...衝去,進攻
hurl (v) 猛力投擲
shrink (v) 變小,收縮
welt (n) 鞭痕
dash (v) 猛衝,奔跑
puncture (n) 刺痕,刺孔
cuddly (adj) 逗人喜愛的,令人想摟抱的
ninja star (n) 忍者星,手裡劍
insult (n) 侮辱
hurtle (v) 衝撞;飛馳
assault (v) 攻擊,對...施暴
spiky (adj) 尖的;[英/口] 不好對付的
hedgehog (n) 刺蝟
convincted (adj) 被判有罪的
prickly (adj) 多刺的;[引申] 棘手的
charge (n) 控告,指控
instance (n) 情況
alleged (adj) 聲稱的
rub (v) 摩擦
stand (v) (指控等)成立
brutal (adj) 殘酷,野蠻
sustain (v) 遭受,蒙受



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