Listen to me carefully. When I count to 3, you will fall into a deep sleep, but you can still listen to me and do what I tell you to do. So now, 1...2....3. You're in a place where you really enjoy yourself, a place where you are totally relaxed, and a place where everything is wonderful. Now, I'm going to use a knife to cut a small hole on your right arm, and you will still feel relaxed. The operation will be finished very soon. You just enjoy your time in that wonderful place~~~~~Where would you hear that????

Look at it, then you'll feel no pain...


◎ 第十八期自學包裹上線啦!


◎ 寫作諮詢 等你來~


◎ 中級科技英文寫作課程開始招生囉~


◎ 中級寫作課程等著你來喔~




TOEFL iBT Training Program

TOEFL iBT,也就是線上托福測驗,跟以前的電腦測驗有哪些不同呢?介面會不會更複雜?題型會不會跟以往都不同?要是在參加測驗前都不知道的話,會不會一上場就因為不熟悉測驗方式而緊張,吃了大虧?那就快到這個提供免費線上測驗的網站,體驗TOEFL iBT的模擬環境吧......體驗iBT臨場感

English Sounds

聽說英語發音中有連音和弱音的現象?那樣的發音聽起來究竟是什麼樣子啊?有方法可以去學這兩種特徵嗎?有地方可以特別去聽這兩種特徵嗎????有這些疑問的話就來這裡看看,視聽館新推出的English Sounds,整理出了連音、弱音的真實發音範例,還提供了我們說中文常出現的英語發音特徵......聽聽英文的聲音

Break the Code

想像自己是情報局的幹員,或是潛身國外的王牌間諜要把密報傳回到情報總部,當然要把密報內容鎖碼啊,不然被看光光哪還得了!這次就讓大家到這個網站玩玩解碼遊戲,看看自己是不是也有當間諜的本領!!!...... 解碼大作戰!



Academic Encounters

採用"Content-based Approach",並以文章所探討的實質內容當作學習英語的教材,幫助同學在看到一篇文章的標題時,就能對該標題探討的內容有所初步認識的話。因此這本書在每一篇文章的前面,都有一些該文章探討議題的相關問題,讓讀者以小組的方式進行討論,以便能粗略地建立起對該議題的認識及了解。然後在實際閱讀文章時,便能更快地了解文章的重點為何....快快看懂英語文章



Hypnosis is more than just a way to make you fall asleep!!!

(Trev just got into the room which he shares with his roommate, Niles. At this moment, Niles is having a special practice. He is sitting on a couch with his eyes closed, and murmuring to himself.)

Niles: I am calm and relaxed...... I am totally relaxed and my tummy feels wonderful...... My tummy is getting smaller, so I am slim now.....I am strong and slender......

Trev: Hey, what are you doing?

Niles: Oh, gosh. You scared me. Why didn't you knock?

Trev: I've got the key. It's my room as well, remember?

Niles: Yeah, yeah, anyway.

Trev: What were you doing? Meditation?

Niles: Neh, I was doing self-hypnosis.

Trev: Hypnosis? For what? Haven't you often got hypnotised by lecturers and fallen asleep in class?

Niles: First, hypnosis is not sleep; second I never slept in class. I just often have deep thoughts about something in class.

Trev: Yeah, deep thoughts with snoring! What did you do that for, anyway?

Niles: It's said that hypnosis can diminish the way our brains feel about hunger, craving for foods and so on. It helps on keeping diet. It even can ease the pain of a surgery and some side effects such as nausea and fatigue. The news I saw yesterday even reported that a British hypnotist hypnotised himself while having an osteoarthritis surgery. The doctor cut a wound about 10cm-long on one of this hypnotist's arms. And during the procedure, he did not receive any anaesthesia or sedatives.

Trev: I don't buy it. That's way too far-fetched. How can you feel no pain when someone is cutting a hole on your arms? I think he was just making waves, and thought his name could be championed by the news report.

Niles: I don't think so. Every time I did self-hypnosis, I could always rid my mind of feelings of gnawing, unease and stress. Then I would feel the tension all over my body has fallen away. I then could focus on matters which I was concerned with. Saying, I wasn't really hungry, but still so craving for food, I would hypnotise myself with words like "My tummy is so small, so I'm really full now". Then after that, I would really feel it works. The craving would just fade away. So, hypnosis for controlling our minds is really up for grabs. So, it as well can be used for controlling the feeling of pain, fatigue, nausea and what have you after a surgery!

Trev: It sounds like hypnosis is the way to go.

Niles: Yeah, no more pills and needles.

Trev: So that's why I saw you just then fiddling with hypnosis by murmuring "My tummy is getting smaller, so I am slim now... bla bla bla....."

Niles: I wasn't fiddling with hypnosis. I was practicing, so I can get away the craving for food.

Trev: Then, why are you holding a chokkie bar?

Niles: Well, then.... that's for you. Take it! But it doesn't mean it's alright to interrupt my practice.

Trev: Got it, mate! Cheers!



slender (adj) = slim
hypnotist (n): 催眠師
Meditation (n): 打坐;冥想
osteoarthritis (n): 骨關節炎
hypnosis (n): 催眠
anaesthesia (n): 麻醉劑
hypnotise (v): 催眠
sedative (n): 鎮靜劑
snore (v): 打呼
far-fetched (adj): 太誇張了
side effect (n): 副作用
gnawing (n): 原意為"咬"、"啃",這裡指"很痛苦的樣子"
nausea (n): 暈眩到噁心的感覺
tension (n): 緊繃
fatigue (n): 疲倦
chokkie bar (n): 巧克力棒


make waves: 引人注意
be championed by = be supported by

up for grabs: 可達成的;可行的;

what have you = and so on
the way to go: 最好的選擇
fiddle with: 不是很懂,可是又試著去做



(BBC News) Hypnosis 'eases cancer op pain'

(ABC News) Hypnosis helps sick kids cope with needles

(abcNews) Hypnosis Eases Pain of Breast Cancer Surgery


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