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Have you heard about the discovery of a Red Sox shirt that has been buried underneath the new Yankee Stadium? Before it was dug up, Yankee lost two games to the Red Sox.

It really makes one wonder whether the wins and loses in baseball games are sometimes affected by some mysterious supernatural force.

In today's Express, some of the worst baseball players in the world have something to say about these curses. Are they responsible for their bad performances? Read on!

Is the game affected by supernatural power?


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Space Place Live!

自美國太空總署的動畫訪談節目,來賓是真實的太空科學家與工程師,透過對談可以了解這些科學家們在美國太空總署的工作經驗,他們如何對科學產生興趣與他們的日常休閒活動,左下角的「CC」按下去後會有影片字幕,也別忘記打開喇叭聽聽這些科學家們的「現身說法」唷!......前往Space Place Live!

EasyTest: 全民英檢(GEPT)

全民英檢係針對一般社會人士及在校學生的一個英語能力測驗,目前採用單位除了各級學校外,還包括許多公民營機構,因此,全民英檢也可算是「全民運動」了 。這次我們要來看的是English Freeway裡的Easy Test: GEPT,記得先準備好耳機或喇吧喔!...... 來看看該如何使用吧!

Disney – Hot Shot Business

想開一家漫畫店或寵物美容店嗎?迪士尼將幫你完成夢想喔!迪士尼的Hot Shot Business網站提供了4種店面讓你選擇,可以利用自己現有的資金或跟銀行貸款來經營,不過開店可不是件容易的事喔!你必須評估顧客喜好、市場動向等等來調整經營方向,可別一下子就倒店啦!請記得開啟喇叭,遊戲裡的英文會話可以幫助你一邊學英文,一邊體驗虛擬開店的樂趣!......我準備好開店了!



A Boy Named Charlie Brown





What makes one a bad baseball player?


Charlie: Lucy, am I really a bad pitcher?

Lucy: What a silly question to ask! We’ve never won a game, so how can you be a good pitcher? Not to mention how the ball always swoosh by you or knock you off the mound. Charlie Brown, you are a complete flop.

Charlie: Aargh, quit saying that! You are also on the team. I don’t remember you being a great outfielder either. I am not the only reason why our team always loses.

Lucy: But to boost your spirit, I found this news. Here (handing Charlie a newspaper clipping).

Charlie: “A baseball team of a Japanese high school threw in the towel after surrendering 66 runs in less than two innings.” How does that make me a better pitcher?

Lucy: Because it proves that there are worse pitchers in the world than you are, Charlie Brown. You are really very bad, but you are not the worst. See, this hapless hurler used more than 250 pitches in only two innings. If the coach didn’t plead for the game to be abandoned, can you imagine how many balls this guy will have to pitch?

Charlie: Alright, I guess you have a point there. However, I am still very worried about tomorrow’s game. It’s the first game of the season. I would like to win.

Lucy: Don’t worry. I have high hopes for this season.

Charlie: But you just said that I, the manager and pitcher of the team, am a complete loser.

Lucy: It’s not about you. I buried one of my shirts underneath the other team’s field.

Charlie: What?! Why do you do that?

Lucy: To jinx them. That’s an idea I got from another news story.

Charlie: You mean the Red Sox-rooting construction worker who planted a David Ortis jersey underneath the new Yankee stadium? That’s stupid! I can’t believe you try to hex the other team in the same way!! Aargh!

Lucy: I don’t think it is that silly. I don’t like that shirt anyways.

Charlie: Didn’t you know that Ortis’s performance has slumped hugely? I think the curse was on the person whose shirt is being buried!

Lucy: Alright, let’s go excavate it. Bring your jackhammer, let’s do some drilling.

Charlie: Lucy, I don’t think we will need a jackhammer. Isn’t their field comprised mostly of dust and mud just like ours?

Lucy: Uh. I tried to follow the story as close as possible. So I pour cement on it. Come to think of it, it was near the home base. If anyone tries to slide into the base, he will probably break his toe. Maybe I should try to make money out of it. Maybe I can sell first-aid kits by the field…

Charlie: Lucy, you are the only person who slides on our team. I can see how the curse will be on you… Come on, let’s just go dig it up. And remove the cement. And help put their dust back... So much work on the day before the most important game of the season. (Sigh) People usually call me a blockhead, but, Lucy, I think you are the real blockhead here.



pitcher (n) 投手
plead (v) 懇求
swoosh (v) 發出嗖的一聲
jinx (v) 使人倒楣
knock sb. off (v) 撞倒
root (v) [口語] 聲援(參賽者)
mound (n) 土丘;[棒球] 投手丘
jersey (n) 平針織衣
flop (n) 失敗
stadium (n) 體育場;運動場
outfielder (n) 外野手
hex (v) 施魔法;使人倒楣
boost (v) 促進;提高
slump (v) 下跌;衰落
newspaper clipping (n) 剪報
excavate (v) 挖掘
throw in the towel (ph) 認輸;投降
jackhammer (n) 手提鑽
surrender (v) 交出;放棄;投降
drill (v) 鑽孔;鑽穿
run (n) [棒球] 得分
cement (n) 水泥
inning (n) [棒球] 局
slide into base (n) [棒球] 滑壘
hapless(adj) 不幸的;運氣很差的
first-aid kit (n) 急救藥箱
hurler (n) 丟東西的人;投手
blockhead (n) [口語] 傻瓜;笨蛋



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ESPN : Yankees Will Donate Once-Buried Red Sox Jersey to Boston-Area Charity


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