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This winter has been pretty cold all over the world. Can somebody tell us when spring will finally come about?

Groundhogs may be able to tell you some news about the spring by observing their shadows. Sounds a little absurd? Don’t worry, I am not mad. Read on, and we will tell you all about this long-standing North American weather lore.

Hear Ye, I am ready to tell you about the spring...


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Clarity English: Road to IELTS

想留英、留澳的同學趕快看過來喔,看看我們這一次敎大家怎麼迎向"雅思"康莊大道。雖然某些英國和澳洲的學校也已經開始接受TOEFL考試的成績,不過大多數要去前往這兩個國家唸書的學生還是以準備參加IELTS為主,原因是什麼呢,小編也不太清楚,或許是想要及早適應英式英語吧???Anyway,Road to IELTS真的有好多課程讓同學練習IELTS的題型,而且課程內容就像真實考試內容一樣保羅萬象,還常常會有帶英式文化背景的題目喔...... On My Way to IELTS!


由外文系周樹華老師所主持,本講座第一次嘗試以線上座談的方式,並邀請進階英語教學的課程助理與周老師,一同暢談同學在自學英語的過程中有可能會碰到哪些瓶頸,以及因應之道。節目分成兩部份,第一部份討論英語口說及聽力的能力,第二部份則討論英語閱讀及寫作的能力。同學們在點取連結進入網站後,選取"自學英文面臨的瓶頸與解決之道"即可進入本節目的網頁...... 衝破瓶頸、邁向成功!



Without a shadow of doubt, those groundhogs know what they are talking about.


La Nina: Brrr. It’s so cold. Nino, what do you say we go and buy a heater?

El Nino: Nope. It’s going to be hot again very soon. I am not wasting my money on a heater that I can only use for a few days.

La Nina: Trust me, it’s gonna be winter for at least another month.

El Nino: Come on, the weather forecast guy on TV says that the temperature is 17 to 20 degree today. It must be that the spring is approaching.

La Nina: He is wrong. I am positive that there will be at least six more weeks of winter.

El Nino: How do you know? Do you work at a Doppler radar station? Are you equipped with a barometer? I don’t see why you can be more right than Mr. Weather Man on TV.

La Nina: Because it is still freezing cold today, it’s nothing like 17 to 20 degree!! Plus, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on the Groundhog Day.

El Nino: Er… " Punch-me-on-the-knee Feel"? Groundhog and shadow? Huh? Hmm…do you mean that groundhogs have very sore knees? Or there is a shadow in the shape of a groundhog on your knee??

La Nina: What are you talking about? It’s not Punch-me-on-the-knee Feel. God. It is "Punxsutawney Phil". Punxsutawney (/ˌpʌnksəˈtɔni/) is a small town in Philadelphia and Phil is a groundhog that lives in the town.

El Nino: Neat, so it’s not about your knees. But why would a furry little woodchuck have anything to do with our heater?

La Nina: Punxsutawney Phil is the foremost weather predictor in the North America. He is called the “the prognosticator of prognosticators and the seer of seers.” Each year on Groundhog Day, which falls on February the 2nd, Phil predicts how long the winter would last.

El Nino: You mean people depend on a rodent to tell us about the climate change? Come on, it cannot even talk, let alone prophesying about the weather.

La Nina: It speaks goundhogese.

El Nino: Groundhoges… never mind. Tell me how “Phil” reports his forecast. Does he pull out a weather forecast chart or some satellite image?

La Nina: Well. On Groundhog Day, Phil would be hibernating. People waiting to hear his prognostication would wake him up in the morning, and bring him out from his burrow.

El Nino: (sarcastically) So that people can worship the seer of seers, the prognosticator of….

La Nina: Shut up. When Phil is outside, if he sees his shadow, he will retreat back to his burrow to hunker down for another six weeks of winter. But if he does not see his shadow, he will stay out, and that represents an early spring. This year, Phil presaged six more weeks of winter.

El Nino: Are you seriously trying to convince me to buy a heater with folklore like that?

La Nina: Hey, it’s a time honored tradition, and Phil is really cute. They say that he is more than one hundred years old, staying young with the help of some magic elixir.

El Nino: Nina, the more you talk about that groundhog the less I am inclined to buy any heating devices. You better shut up and show me some satellite pictures.

La Nina: Fine, you go on being cheap. I am going to put away all your mittens, muk luks, and sweaters. Freeze for another six weeks, you stingy!


forecast (n) 預報
rodent (n) 囓齒類動物
positive (adj) 肯定
prophesy (v) 預言
Doppler radar (n) 都卜勒雷達
satellite (n) 衛星

equip (v)裝備

hibernate (v) 冬眠
barometer (n) 氣壓計
burrow (n) (動物住的)洞穴
groundhog (n) 土撥鼠
hunker down (vph) 蹲下;低下身
punch (n) 揍;用拳頭打
presage (v) 預知
sore (n) 疼痛的
folklore (n) 民間傳說
furry (adj) 毛茸茸的
elixir (n) 仙丹;萬能藥水
woodchuck (n) 土撥鼠
cheap (adj) 小氣
foremost (adj) 第一流的 mitten (n) 連指手套
prognosticator (n) 預言者 muk luk (n) 毛皮靴;雪地靴



Reuters: Groundhog Day -- popular non-science

Reuters: Pennsylvania Groundhog sees six more winter weeks

National Post: Canadian groundhogs call for early srpring


To the readers:

很明顯地,以上的對話發生在天氣還沒轉暖之前。今天小編坐在電腦前幾乎滿身大汗,很顯然Punxsutawney Phil的預測似乎不適合台灣的天氣。但是其實散落北美四處的土撥鼠們也不見得同意Phil的預測唷。以下是加拿大報紙National Post的統計結果,看來多數土撥鼠的確覺得春天會早早來到~號稱一百二十歲的Phil爺爺,您是不是該退休了?

National Post: Groundhog Day roundup


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