We all have experiences of having restless night's sleep, and waking up with tiredness. Such experiences are surely something which makes us feel bad, bad, and bad. It can be worse if we've got a partner snoring all the night on the other side of the battle field, the field of fighting with sleeplessness.

How many sheeps do I have to count?


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Sleep with loud snoring, wake up with grogginess.....

Groggy: Hi, Sonia! How's your weekend going?

Sonia: I'm feeling out of sorts this morning, Grog. I didn't sleep a wink last night.

Groggy: Why? What's up?

Sonia: I just couldn't fall asleep with random thoughts hovering in my head until all hours.

Groggy: Poor you. Has it been for a while?

Sonia: Since the beginning of this semester. You know, the course of this semester is really demanding. I have to dig deep to keep each assignment up to scratch. I am really worrying about my study, and can't sleep well at nights. It feels like I've got insomnia.

Groggy: Insomnia! Come on, it can't be that serious. You're just having a hard time trying to keep up. Don't worry that much, Sonia. Take it easy.

Sonia: And you know. It's really embarrassing to tell you that though, my flatemates have been telling me that my snoring is getting louder; I can even hear my own snoring sometimes.

Groggy: Ha, really! Then it's a good thing that we're not flatemates, otherwise we would have a snoring competition every night.

Sonia: Yeah we could clear out the neighbourhood.... or scare out, I should say. Anyway, you've got problems with snoring as well?

Groggy: Yeah, but it's getting better. My doctor suggested me try to play the wind instrument. He told me a research from Australia reported that playing didgeridoo can help training the upper airways, so does playing the wind instrument. So I started to play the clarinet three months ago. And it really works.

Sonia: Woo, that's cool! Maybe I should try, or maybe I should see a doctor as well. Anyway, you look quite tired. How's your weekend?

Groggy: I didn't sleep at all either.

Sonia: What's the matter? Is anything bothering you as well?.....No, nothing can bother you. You had a party last night until all hours again, didn't you?

Groggy: Well not me this time. But somebody did. It's the people next door. They were really making a racket; with all that non-stop hip-pop music and people coming in and out all the night. They couldn't care any less about anyone else.

Sonia: Why don't you go crook on them?

Groggy: I did. But they just told me "What's wrong with a bit of fun on weekend?" And then I said "it's already midnight!" But then guess what? A guy tipsily told me over his pint that "The night is still young, mate. And you seem a nice, but bored lad. We've got grog, which is surely more than enough to make you a bonzer night! So, why don't you come and have a pint with us."

Sonia: So, did you join them?

Groggy: Well, I did. I just thought I couldn't sleep with all that noise, anyway.

Sonia: Are you kidding me? You joined the party with people whom you were upset with at the first place!

Groggy: Yeah, that's not a big deal. Remember the saying? "Love thy neighbour."

Sonia: Ok, if you want to apply the phrase in this way. (Sonia says it with a disagreeing tone.)

Groggy: Though those people really seemed a bit way out, and their place was a real eyesore, I didn't do anything stupid with them, did I.....?



snore (v) 打呼

upper airways(n): 上呼吸道

grogginess (n): 沒精神
clarinet(n): 單簧管
hover (v): 盤旋
pint (n): 啤酒杯
insomnia(n): 失眠症
grog (n): 酒類飲品
flatemate (n): 室友,但沒住在同一個房間
bonzer (adj): 很棒的;愉快的
the wind instrument (n):管樂器
upset (adj): 不高興的

didgeridoo(n): 澳洲原住民的吹管樂器

thy (n) = your


out of sorts: 不舒服
didn't sleep a wink: 一點都沒睡
until all hours: 一直....,在這裡指整個晚上
dig deep: 非常努力
up to scratch: 達到標準
keep up: 跟上進度
Take it easy: 放輕鬆
make a racket: 製造很多噪音
couldn't care any less: 一點都不在乎
go crook on: 抱怨
a bit way out: 怪怪的
a real eyesore: 一團亂



(ABC News) Didgeridoo lessons ease sleep disorders

(ABC News) Study: 'Sleep Inertia' Affects Decision Making

(Washington University Sleep Medicine Center) Do I have a Sleep Disorder



公告主旨 Clarity English 使用說明會-史上最強免費線上英語學習(限學生)
公告單位 文學院--視聽教育館
公告時間 2007/11/21
公告內容 主講者:畹禾有限公司 黃麗琴

講 題:Clarity English 使用說明會


日 期:96年11月23日(星期五)

時 間:13:30~15:30

地 點:台大視聽教育館-206教室


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(若臨時不克參加,請 Email 通知承辦人,謝謝! Email Address: honyenlan@ntu.edu.tw )

什麼是Clarity English (請先自行列印手冊,並攜至會場。)
活動時間 2007/11/23
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公告主旨 Clarity English Workshop (Faculty Only)
公告單位 文學院--視聽教育館
公告時間 2007/11/21
Audio Visual Educational Center offers NTU faculty with FREE online English teaching programs in assisting class instruction. We are very honored to invite the speaker to introduce Clarity English materials.  The speaker will introduce how they can use these materials in accordance with classroom instruction and how instructors can help and guide students in the use of these Clarity materials. The information of the speaker is as follows.
Dr Adrian Raper, IT Director, Hong Kong Office
Clarity Language Consultants Ltd (UK and HK since 1992)
Tel: (+852) 2791 1787     Fax: (+852) 2791 6484
Mobile: (+852) 6687 7315        Skype: adrian.raper
活動時間 15:30~17:30, December 5, 2007
活動地點 Room 105, Audio-Visual Educational Center
相關網址 Online English Teaching Programs- Application
聯 絡 人 藍弘燕
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