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Instinctually, human beings flee from sharks, fearing their sharp teeth and strong jaws. We come to believe that when a shark meets a human, it is always the shark that threatens and destructs, and it is always the human that is scared, hurt or eaten alive.

However, recently, there is news reporting about a shark being beaten up by a group of swimmers. Sounds incredible, right? Well, read on to find out what had happened!

Ah~ A shark! Should we flee from it or give it a good beating?


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這是一個關於Charles Dickens的遊戲,在遊戲裡,你必須準備足夠的車馬費才能見到Charles Dickens,沿路上,你會遇到Dickens筆下的人物,如Oliver TwistDavid Copperfield等,跟他們聊天可是會獲得不少重要的資訊喔!不過要注意,時間可是有限的,不要在夜晚的倫敦街道逗留太久,否則就沒辦法見到大文豪Dickens囉!...... 去拜訪Dickens吧!



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Human beings' revenge~ "Let's give that baby shark a good beating!"


Spielberg: Hey buddy. Oh, you are watching that old movie Jaws again. That’s quite a classic.

Great White: Agreed. Look how mighty the shark is. Too bad the director made it die at the end of the movie. The movie should have ended with the shark surviving and ruling the ocean.

Spielberg: Well, the shark was a killer in the first place. It’s a threat to human lives.

Great White: Whatever. You human beings are never very kind to sharks, either. The Chinese even eat shark fins.

Spielberg: At least they respect sharks well enough to set outrageous prices to the fins. (Getting a sinister look from Great White.) Seriously, some people are very kind to sharks. For example, you know there was a shark stranded on a beach near New York during a weekend a while ago.

Great White: And people were freaked out and fled. . . . Thanks to the media that slanders against our reputation, no one wants to be friends with us. . . . We sharks are so lonely. . .

Spielberg: Alright, some people did get spooked when they saw the shark wiggling near the shore, but some unflinching New Yorkers mustered up their courage and pushed it back into the water. Biologists confirmed that it was a move that could have potentially saved its life.

Great White: That was really kind of them. But you said “could have potentially saved its life”; do you mean that it died eventually?

Spielberg: Unfortunately, its carcass was washed up on the shore the second day. I am sorry, but it was probably sick in the first place when he came so near to the shore.

Great White: Oh, that was tragic! (sobbing) You see, sharks always die at the end of the story.

Spielberg: Hey, hey. Don’t cry. I will tell you another story about a lifeguard’s rescue mission.

Great White: Er. Lifeguards just evacuate people from the beach when sharks approach. How can a lifeguard story cheer me up?

Spielberg: Well, hear me out then. It was also on a beach near New York when swimmers saw the shark flopping its tail in the surf. As it turned out, the courageous lifeguard saved – the shark.

Great White: Oh! That sounds like a good human being, did he also feed the shark human flesh?

Spielberg: Er. Great White, we do not encourage sharks to eat human.

Great White: Alright, tell me what happened then.

Spielberg: The shark was a 2-feet long sand shark, so it was probably only a baby. When the lifeguard noticed, there were about 75 swimmers surrounding the shark, beating it up. Some of the swimmers held it down, while some were actually hitting it and smacking its face.

Great White: Beasts! That was too much, I am going to bite those people right now.

Spielberg: Calm down, calm down. That was really cruel of them, for sure. The swimmers probably panicked. I apologize for all the bad press you sharks got. Those negative images on the media do make people somewhat hysterical about sharks. But at least the tender-hearted life-guard saw the baby shark and rescued it from the mob promptly.

Great White: Yeah, well done. Hey, Spielberg, maybe next time you can make a film about a shark being eaten and all the shark heroes try to hunt down human beings, with sharks triumph in the end, for sure.

Spielberg: Hm. Thank you for the suggestions, but I am afraid it won’t be a summer hit among human audience. Maybe next time.



mighty (adj) 強而有力的;偉大的
sob (v) 嗚咽;啜泣
fin (n) 魚鰭
lifeguard (n) 救生員
outrageous (adj) 無法無天的;可憎的
evacuate (v) 疏散
sinister (adj) 陰險的;邪惡的
approach (v) 接近
stranded (adj) 擱淺的
flop (v) 拍動
freaked out (adj ph) 嚇壞了的;抓狂
surf (n) 海浪
slander (v) 毀謗名譽
flesh (n) 肉
spook (v) 驚嚇
smack (v) 打;甩巴掌
wiggle (v) 擺動;扭動
panic (v) 驚慌
unflinching (adj) 不畏縮的
hysterical (adj) 歇斯底里
muster up (v ph) 鼓起(勇氣等)
mob (n) 暴民
carcass (n) 屍體
promptly (adv) 及時地



The Daily News: 6-foot shark stranded on Rockaways pushed back to sea

The Daily News: Shark turns up dead day after spotted at Rockaway Beach

The Daily News: Coney Island lifeguard rescues baby shark to cap crazy summer


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