Still wondering where to go with your loved one for the next holiday? Or dreaming of wandering in a place where is scarcely reached by tourists? Take a trip to the space and set your foot on the moon! That could be a way to go for fantasy and romance.

Let's be romantic, shall we?

Celebrating the "Earth" Festival on the moon!


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Space tourism? Come on, be realistic!


Annie: Honey...

Wayne: Yes, babe? (Wayne is reading online news)

Annie: How are we going to plan for the holiday?

Wayne: What holiday?

Annie: The Moon Festival! Don't you remember that?

Wayne: Oh..yeah..yeah. I remember. That's a four-day holiday this year. So then, what do you reckon? Any two cents to put in?

Annie: Just no more BBQ please. I'm really sick and tired of BBQ.

Wayne: Why? That's a must for the Moon Festival. We always lap it up every year.

Annie: I know that's ripper. We can just have a laid back afternoon and have a hell lot of yummy tucker.

Wayne: And get a slab all the time. Then I will be in my element.

Annie: You drunkard.

Wayne: I'm not a drunkard. I just like being tipsy sometimes.

Annie: Yeah, you bet. (Annie gently smacks Wayne's head while saying this.)

Wayne: Ouch, what's that for?

Annie: That's for waking you up and not looking at me when I'm talking to you.

Wayne: Ok, I'm sorry. (Wayne is still looking at the screen while saying this)...Hey, have a look at this news. They'd got another rich bloke rocketed up to the space.

(Both of them are reading through the news)

Wayne: Wooo, the damage to his bank account was surely enormous.

Annie: I don't think so. That could be just the tip of the iceberg of his money.

Wayne: That's really off the beaten track. What do you think we would do if we were up there, on the moon?

Annie: For the Moon Festival?

Wayne: Yeah.

Annie: What a mind-boggling idea. Well then, there won't be a full moon that night. That's for sure. But probably we can see a "full earth" instead.

Wayne: Yeah, do you think we can see Taiwan from there? Probably we can if they've got a really big Sky Lantern Festival in Pinghsi.

Annie: Sky lantern? What are you on about? Do you wanna row a Dragon boat as well?

Wayne: Oh yeah, we don't have lanterns for the Moon Festival. So then we can mosey around with some fat-laden mooncakes in our bags, and probably hunt a couple of Jade Rabbits for BBQ!

Annie: Yeah, you bet. Jade Rabbits. And it's gonna be even better with some local brewed lager, isn't it?

Wayne: Yeah, that'll be awesome.

Annie: You helpless drunkard!



ripper (adj): 很棒的
bloke (n) = guy
yummy (adj) = delicious
enormous (adj): 巨大的;龐大的
tucker (n) = food
mosey (v): 隨意走走、晃晃;漫步
drunkard (n): 酒鬼
Jade (n): 玉
tipsy (adj): 微醺
brewed (adj): 釀造的
smack (v): 打;拍
lager (n): 啤酒的一種


any two cents to put in? : 有什麼意見嗎?
sick and tired of: 非常的厭煩
a must: 一定要做的事
lap it up: 很享受某件事情
laid back: 悠閒、慵懶
a hell lot of: 很多的;一大堆的
get a slab: 拿著酒瓶啜飲
in my element: 覺得自在舒服
the tip of the iceberg: 冰山一角
off the beaten track: 人跡罕至的地方
mind-boggling: 令人感到驚奇的
What are you on about? : 你在想什麼啊? or 你在說什麼啊?
fat-laden: 脂肪或熱量很高的



(Reuters) Space Tourist Returns to Earth

(CBC News) Civilians in space FAQs

(ABC Science Online) Space tourism blasts off into legal mire



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