What's that smell? Oh, it's so disgusting! Who did it? Have you ever been the one saying "NOT ME! I did not" ? Sometimes it is just so hard to hold the "natural gas" from the edge of poping out from our bodies, isn't it?

Hold it, mate!!! It's not allowed here!!!


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BBC Skillwise: Reading

有什麼技巧可以幫助自己的英文閱讀呢?是該一目十行還是逐字閱讀呢?Time Warner的Time to Read網站提供了簡單又好記的閱讀技巧,包含了閱讀前、閱讀時與閱讀後的5個技巧,讓你輕鬆應用在各種英文閱讀中,現在請準備一篇英文文章,然後了解了這5個英文閱讀步驟後就馬上應用在文章上吧!... 我想增進我的英文閱讀

Time to Read: 5 Step Reading Process

羨慕柯南出神入化的辦案能力嗎?現在你也可以練習當柯南喔!在這個奇怪的小鎮裡住了許多許多奇怪的人,發生了許多怪事,Peetnik才剛開張她的偵探社,案件就蜂擁而來,Peetnik急需你的幫忙!所以趕快搬進小鎮,幫幫Peetnik吧!... 我要成為柯南



BBC Videos — The Human Instinct, the complete series




What's that nasty smell?


Farthmore: Hey Heather.

Heather: What's up?

Farthmore: Have you ever had the experience that you have to hold it until you're all alone by yourself? But then all of a sudden, it just pops out unexpectedly.

Heather: Hold what? I'm not following you.

Farthmore: Well, it's just that, you know, I like to eat sweet potatos, and that often stimulates my gastrointestinal movement.

Heather: I know that. I often hear your hyperactive gastrointestinal sound, and by that I know the "ventilation" inside your tummy is on the go.

Farthmore: Yeah, and that ventilation really worked far too much last Friday.

Heather: Why say so? What happened? Did you turn the MRT station into a gas chamber? Or did you perform another demonstration of gas attack in your class again? HAHA!

Farthmore: No, of course not. I'm not that powerful, OK? Though that's really powerful enough to draw people's attention. And my classmates are constantly having gas masks on hand for my attack. Ha! Anyway, just kidding, talking non-sense.

Heather: Ha, poor them. So, what exactly happened?

Farthmore: I had a presentation in a morning class last Friday morning, and before the class, I had a grilled sweet potato for the brekkie. Then before the presentation began, I was bit toey. And a classmate noticed that, so she just told me "everything will be fine, I'm cool". You know just sort of soothing my nervousness.

Heather: So let me guess. The "ventilation" happend during the presentation, so you farted in front of the whole class. HAHA.

Farthmore: Yeah, you got it right.

Heather: HAHAHA, that's really embarassing. But at least, you did something not to let people hear the "noise", didn't you?

Farthmore: Yeah, when I felt the gas coming, I raised my tone and volume as if I was trying to emphasize some points.

Heather: But how about the smell?

Farthmore: What could I do, I couldn't seal it in my undie, could I?

Heather: Of course you couldn't. But believe me or not. I saw a news online couple days ago. A US underwear compnay have invented a special undie which can airtight the nasty smell.

Farthmore: Oh, really? That's cool. Just imagine that seal the smell for the whole day, then let it out when you get home. Nah, that's nasty.

Heather: But at least that's an option to avoid the embarassment.

Farthmore: I think a plastic bag will suit me just fine. HAHA!



sweet potato (n): 番薯;地瓜
brekkie (n) = breakfast
gastrointestinal (adj): 腸胃的
toey (adj) = nervous
hyperactice (adj): 亢進的;高亢的
soothe (v): 安慰;緩和
ventilation (n): 通風
tone (n): 語調
tummy (n): 肚子
volume (n): 音量
gas chamber (n): 毒氣室
undie (n) = underwear: 內衣褲
gas mask (n): 防毒面具
airtight (v): 氣密
poor (adj): 可憐的
nasty (adj): 噁心的;污穢的
grilled (adj): 烤過的


all of a sudden: 突然之間
pop out: 突然爆出來
I'm not following you: 我不懂你的意思
on the go: 正在進行中
on hand: 隨時準備好的
talking non-sense: 亂扯一通;說廢話



Fart-Proof Pants

New Underwear Promises to Ease Pain of Passing Gas


English Freeway

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