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Have you seen the newly-released Transformers yet? Aren't you impressed by its flashy CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)?

One of the most interesting things about this movie, however, is the idea that those cool robots are all aliens. I mean, when you think of an alien, you would think of some green creature with huge head and long limbs, instead of giant breathing robots.

Well, the experts on extraterrestrial life-forms may have somthing to say. Let's hear what Agent Mulder and Agent Scully from The X-Files have to say about this.

Honestly, Optimus Prime is
way too cool to be an E.T.


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E. T. the Extra-Terrestri

外星人在好萊塢的始祖就是本片的主角E.T.啦。這次館藏介紹衝著大家可能多少都知道這部經典老片,一改以往只是介紹內容跟形式的作風,整理了一些單字,對白以及看本片學習英文的小技巧。希望不是只是介紹這部電影,而能在大家來館內看電影的時候,提供一些學習上的協助。...... 開始看E.T.學英文吧!



The E. T. Conspiracy


Mulder: Agent Scully, I think there is something fishy about this new Transformers movie.

Scully: Right. But Mulder, everything seems fishy to you.

Mulder: I mean it this time. You see, it propounds a theory on how the US government covered up the crash of an alien spacecraft, which coincides perfectly with my theory of government conspiracy concerning extraterrestrial intelligence.

Scully: Huh? You think what depicted in that movie is true?.

Mulder: Of course the crashed “thing” in Transformers is not exactly a flying saucer or a spacecraft as I originally suspected. According to the movie, what descended on earth were firstly a life-creating cube and then a villainous alien robot that can transform into a super-cool jet. Sounds true enough to me.

Scully: True enough to nobody but you. I remember you also believing in the spacecraft in ID4, the evolving rock in Evolution, the insects and worms in MIB, and Superman from Krypton. At least, all of the above are more logical than adversarial alien robot organisms waging war or lurking on earth in the form of vehicles.

Mulder: Alright, if you are not even impressed by the dazzling sequence of a sixteen-wheeler truck turning into a massive guardian of justice, at least you would recognize one common feature among all the movies you just mentioned.

Scully: That they are all big-budgeted blockbuster movies for idlers in the summer?

Mulder: (rolls his eyes, and says with deliberate patience as if talking to an idiot) No, they all agree that alien entities have descended on earth and the government somehow kept it a secret. You know it’s true. You must have heard of the Roswell Incident.

Scully: The Roswell Incident, of course. Some sixty years ago a rancher found some metallic debris in Roswell, New Mexico. The nearby military base issued a report saying that they have recovered the wreckage of a flying saucer. Yet the report was almost immediately recanted, the government has since asserted that the debris was from a weather balloon designed to spy on the Soviet nuclear project. I have read the final government report, it looks pretty conclusive to me. What crashed in Roswell was a spy balloon, not UFOs.

Mulder: But there are many testimonies and affidavits describing more than the crash, but other shady businesses like a secret autopsy operated on an emaciated yet surviving alien.

Scully: It has been proved that many so-called witnesses’ statements are merely hoaxes. Even when those testimonies are not outright lies, they are mostly inadmissible hearsays.

Mulder: Whatever you say. You really have to learn to think outside the box. I will go down to Roswell to see the evidences for myself.

Scully: Oh, you know the town is planning on an amusement park with an alien theme? The main feature will be a roller coaster ride that takes you on a simulated alien abduction

Mulder: Hah! That’s it. That must be the aliens’ new scheme to abduct earthlings. Scully, I am driving down to New Mexico right now, wanna come?

Scully: No, thanks, I pass. I am waiting to see the Harry Potter movie. Compared to your alien stories, magic seems infinitely more possible to me.



fishy (n) 【口】可疑的
recant (v) 撤回 (意見)
propound (v) 提議
UFO (abbr) = unidentified flying object
conspiracy (n) 陰謀
affidavit (n) 宣誓書;口供書
extraterrestrial (adj) 外星的
autopsy (n) 驗屍
flying saucer (v) 飛碟
emaciated (adj) 憔悴的;衰弱的
villainous (adj) 惡棍;邪惡的
inadmissible (adj) 不可接受的
adversarial (adj) 敵對的
hearsay (n) 傳聞

wage (v) 進行;展開(wage war = 開戰)

think outside the box (ph) 跳脫框框思考
lurk (v) 潛伏;悄悄的行動
amusement park (n) 遊樂園
rancher (n) 農場或牧場工人
roller coaster (n) 雲霄飛車
debris (n) 殘骸,碎片
abduction (n) 綁架;誘拐
wreckage (n) (失事後的)殘骸
earthling (n) 地球人;世人



ABC news:Roswell: Alien Spacecraft or Top Secret Spy Project?

MSNBC (有延伸報導影片):Roswell embraces past and turns a buck

Voice of America (有報導的音檔):Roswell, New Mexico Marks 60th Anniversary of
                                   Supposed Flying Saucer Incident


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