Do you have the experiences of showing your parents how to use MSN or any other computer stuff over and over again? I bet you do.

Then, is it true that the older we are, the closer we are to the state of technological stupidness?

Well, that could be still a question open for discussion, or just for a chit-chat.

Don't make me do it. I'm old, but I'm not stupid!!!


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BBC Skillwise: Word: Spelling

這是 BBC 的 Skillwise 網站。在這個內容豐富的網站裡,我們挑選 Words 來學習英文字彙的相關知識。英文字可不只是從26個字母裡去排列組合而已喔!仔細觀察,很多字彙可是有它的規則存在的,了解這些規則後,英文字再也不是ABC,而是有意義的單字了!趕快來了解一下吧!… 來學習英文字的組合規則......來激發我記單字的潛能


LiveABC CNN新聞英語

老是聽不懂英文新聞嗎?很想知道英文主播在說什麼?想將英文新聞裡的字彙記下來,卻不曉得單字該如何拼?這些問題都已經解決了,LiveABC CNN新聞英語裡有100個英語新聞免費提供给您練習!除了可以不斷地重播新聞外,還有英文字幕可以參考,而且還有聽力填空、句子重組與翻譯等練習可以測試您的理解程度喔!趕快加入會員來使用這麼棒的英語學習軟體吧!......... 我要聽懂英語新聞



BBC Videos — The Human Body, Part 1 & Part 2




An old dog can still learn new tricks. Really?

奇怪,怎麼老是不會用電腦? 是因為年紀大了嗎?

(Names present below may compromise the nature of neutrality in this dialogue.)

Mac: Hey, where were you last night? I was going to transfer the assignment to you on MSN. You must be having a chit-chat with your girlfriend online.

Kintosh: Neh, sorry about that, mate. I didn't have time to reply your message because I had to offer a helping hand to my dad. He wanted to download music from the Internet. I had to tell him which folder to save the music. Anyway, just show him some computer stuff, which could be something of child's play for us though.

Mac: Ha, no worries. I also have to tell my dad about those stuff sometimes as well. It seems that all those technology stuff, like MP3 players, cameras and cell phones, for them, I mean the generation of our parents, those things are really something bloody baffling for them.

Kintosh: Yeah, you got it right. I saw a news article online couple days ago. It said a study claims that when people get to age 42, they just can't help but start to lose thier hi-tech skills, and for these oldies, the best way to solve this problem is to have youngies on hand.

Mac: I believe that article must have stroke a raw nerve among those who are a sensitive bunch.

Kintosh: I saw a lot of saying on the discussion board for sure, and some of them did make points, like one of them taking Bill Gates as an example to rebut the article.

Mac: Yeah, fair enough. Bill Gates surely is the man who knows technology stuff inside out. What on earth can we do with a computer if it were not for him!

Kintosh: That's right. And actually, I don't buy the argument in this article either. I don't think that's not a problem with the ability of learning how to use a new, saying a new digital camera, but the willingness of reading the instruction manual, though you could be flinging it away once in a while as well.

Mac: Or if they really can't make sense of the manuals of some mod cons supposed to be easy to use, they can just use the trial and error method. The point is most people are just too lazy to figure out what's going on.

Kintosh: And I believe most of those mind boggling functions on our mobile phones, or cameras, or any latest gadgets are all designed by someone 40ish as well.

Mac: Yeah, I reckon that too. The researchers of the study in this article probably just want to make some noise and gain some attention for their webiste.



compromise (v) 損害
know something inside out (ph) 對
chit-chat (n) 聊天
bloody (adv) = very的口語用法<英>
buy something (ph) 相信某件事
baffling (adj) 難搞懂的
manual (n) 手冊
hi-tech (adj) 高科技的
fling (v) 丟、扔
oldies (n plu) 老人家
mod cons (n) 現代化生活設備,
youngies (n plu) 年輕人
on hand (adj) 在身邊
figure out (ph) 了解;搞清楚
strike a raw nerve (ph) 說到痛處
mind boggling (adj) 讓人覺得驚奇的
a sensitive bunch (ph) 敏感、
40ish (adj) 40歲上下的,其他如
make points (ph) 有道理
reckon (v) = think的口語用法<英>
rebut (v) 反駁



(Courier Mail) At 42, you're past it

(English Bites) Internet Piravacy


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