Have you ever heard about "McJob" before? What does it mean? How do people use it? Would you like a McJob for yourself?

Even if you don't really know the meaning of "McJob," you probably have smelt something in its prefix—"Mc."

Although not everything associated with McDonald's is necessarily bad, this one is not welcomed even by McDonald's itself. Actually, McDonald's has just started a petition for amendment of this particular word's definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, trying to make it a more positive one ......

Will they make it? See for yourself.

Is this a fair portrayal?


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Would you like a "McJob"?


(The neutrality of this dialogue may be disputed, evidenced by the names of its participants.)

Ken: Hey Tucky, I heard you just lost your job. What happened?

Tucky: Doesn't matter. It's just a McJob, anyway.

Ken: McJob? I didn't know you were working at McDonald's. I thought you were working in Bobby's car wash.

Tucky: I was in the car wash. But don't you know that McJob can be broadly used to refer to those kinds of jobs?

Ken: What kind of job do you mean?

Tucky: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a McJob is "an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, especially one created by the expansions of the service sector." So a car washer is 100% a McJob.

Ken: Wow, you can find this word in Oxford English Dictionary? Isn't it the most prestigious dictionary in the world?

Tucky: You may say so, and that's probably the reason why McDonald's wouldn't appreciate this inclusion into the OED. Actually, McDonald's U.K. branch has launched a campaign to have the dictionary publishers revise their definition of “McJob.”

Ken: Why? I think that definition is just pertinent and succinct. It's a very accurate description of a crummy job that requires working extremely long hours, flipping thousands of burgers, and dealing with irate customers.

Tucky: Yet our fast-food giant wouldn't think so. McDonald's claimed that the OED's definition "is out of date, out of touch with reality and most importantly it is insulting to those talented, committed, hard-working people who serve the public every day.”

Ken: Was Uncle McDonald trying to be humorous? Yesterday I just heard my auntie yelling at my little cousin, who refused to go to school. Do you know what she said? "If you don't study hard, you'll end up working at McDonald's all your life!"

Tucky: I think this is just the image that McDonald's has been trying so hard to get rid of. It coined another word to counterattack McJob, that is, "McProspects."

Ken: And what might be their definition of McProspects?

Tucky: That means "over half of McDonald's executive team started working at the counter." So one might start with a McJob and finally get the McProspects for advancement, at least that's what they said.

Ken: I really wonder how many people ever get their McProspects and how many others end up doing a McJob all their lives.  

Tucky: McProspects or not, I think this latest foray against lexicographers just made McDonald look bad. Their lobbying actually helped promote the usage of "McJob."

Ken: Indeed. Dictionary editors can't cater to external pressure from industry. They must make honest appraisals of the language as it is used by people.

Tucky: Yes, I think McDonald's misunderstood one thing. People don't use words because they're in the dictionary. The words are in the dictionary because people use them.

Ken: Wow, that sounds wise. Can I call you a McPhilosopher?

Tucky: I'd rather you don't. Thank you.



neutrality (n) 中立,中立地位
succinct (adj) 簡潔的
dispute (v) 質疑
crummy (adj) 微不足道的
unstimulating (adj) 無法激勵人心的
irate (adj) 發怒的
prospect (n) 前途,前景
coin (v) 創造(新字)
sector (n) 部門
executive team (ph) 管理團隊
prestigious (adj) 有名望的
advancement (n) 升遷,晉升
launch (v) 發起
foray (n) 突襲
revise (v) 修訂
lexicographer (n) 詞典編纂者
pertinent (adj) 恰當的,中肯的
lobbying (n) 遊說

Hey, you! Go study English. Now!


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