This is definitely something you will recollect all your life—digging out a 2.5-carat diamond.

And since those who discovered this diamond are only two third-graders from Houston, Texas, they surely have a long life to retell this event for as many times as they want.

Parents, if you have no idea where to take your kids to this coming summer vacation, just take a trip to the Crater Diamonds State Park, Arkansas. Your family trip there can be very "rewarding."

The lucky twins and their diamond


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Find your own diamond!


Cartier: Hey, have you heard about the two eight-year-old kids that found a 2.5-carat diamond? It’s so incredible!

DeBeers: No, what’s that? Where did they find the diamond? In the backyard of their house?

Cartier: Of course not. They went to the Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas, in their spring break and found the diamond there.

DeBeers: In a state park? I can’t imagine myself digging for diamonds in a park.

Cartier: Actually you can. That is the world’s only diamond-producing site open to the public. The policy there is “finders keepers.” Any diamonds, rocks, or minerals you unearth are yours, regardless of their value.

DeBeers: But how do we common people tell which stones are precious? That is, literally, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Cartier: The Park has staff members called “interpreters” who are assigned to tell people what they have found. So all you have to do there is grab anything that looks valuable to you and take them to the counter to be “interpreted.”

DeBeers: Sounds pretty easy. But I doubt how valuable these diamonds could be? I mean, if the field is open to the public, certainly the diamonds yielded there won’t be of any high quality?

Cartier: I don’t know. But this one found by the Duncan kids, which they subsequently named Duncan Twins Diamond, was worth thousands of dollars. That’s about a hundred thousand NTD!

DeBeers: What? I didn’t know it was that valuable! Now I begin to envy them.

Cartier: Now you know what I am talking about. If I find a diamond as large, I will call it “Cartier Starlight.” Oh my god, it’s just such a wonderful name. Sounds extremely expensive!

DeBeers: Indeed, but I wonder whether you will ever find it.

Cartier: Hey, I stand a great chance! The news report said that, on average, two diamonds are found every day there.

DeBeers: Yet diamonds as large and precious as you would call Cartier Starlight are not to be discovered everyday.

Cartier: Don’t be so pessimistic, old fellow! Will you go with me in the summer? We are definitely going to make a great fortune, digging out lots and lots of diamonds!  

DeBeers: I guess it’ll be fine with me just to wait for your good news. I am afraid the petty stones I found there won’t even be enough to cover the traveling expenses.



carat (n) 克拉
interpret (v) 解釋,說明
unearth (v) 發掘
yield (v) 出產
regardless of (ph) 不管
subsequently (adv) 隨後
glitter (v) 閃閃發光
stand a chance (ph) 有希望(成功)
assign (v) 指派
pessimistic (adj) 悲觀的
grab (v) 抓取
petty (adj) 小的,瑣碎的



abcNews:Young Texas twins find 2.5-carat diamond at Arkansas park

Crater of Diamonds State Park:http://www.craterofdiamondsstatepark.com/


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