公告單位: 文學院--外語教學暨資源中心
課程名稱:跨文化溝通 Intercultural Communication Workshop

臺灣的國際辨識度越來越高,世界向我們走來,多元文化也不請自來。如何和異文化的族群有效的互動,我們需要培養文化智商(cultural intelligence (CQ) )。

外語教學暨資源中心的跨文化溝通工作坊,透過連續四個星期的課程,讓參加者有機會訓練跨文化溝通的能力,反思自己文化與其它文化的差異,並培養文化智商(CQ) 。

Course description:

This course in four consecutive weeks is designed to provide a space for participants to develop competence of communication with people from different cultures in a variety of contexts. In and outside the classroom, the participants will reflect on their own personal experiences involving cultural differences and explore characteristic aspects of significant cultural groups around the world. They will also have ample opportunities to cultivate their cultural intelligence (CQ) and intercultural communication skills through hands-on activities.


公告對象 教職員、學生、校友、其他
聯絡人 外語教學暨資源中心
聯絡電話 02-33662902
電子郵件 ntufltc@ntu.edu.tw