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If you have been on the road (who hasn't?), you must be very familiar with road rage. What do you do when you are offended by some ruthless drivers? Shout? Curse? Or give out your gorgeous middle finger to show your rage?

As if these are not enough, people in the States go online to post articles condemning the "idiots" they encounter on the road.

How does this strategy work out? What do people write down in these web posts? Check it out. ...  




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Fed up with the idiots on the road?

Van: Hey, Sedan, what’s wrong with you? You seem to be boiling with anger.

Sedan: It’s the traffic! It’s not easy being a motorist here in Taiwan!

Van: What? You got fined again? Last time you said you’d start to observe traffic rules, didn’t you?

Sedan: Yes I did. And I did become law-abiding when driving.

Van: If so, what’s to be angry about this time?

Sedan: On my way here, a guy roared past me on the left, suddenly cut into my lane and nearly sideswiped me.

Van: Wow, that’s dangerous!

Sedan: That’s only part of the story. He stayed in front of me for no more than five seconds. Immediately he rocketed two lanes to the right and then three lanes to the left, treading through traffic as if he’s proving to everyone that he should be on the Formula One circuit.

Van: That’s really a crazy jerk. Reckless, dangerous driving does rile people up.

Sedan: Yet he’s not the only rude driver on the road. I really want to throttle them all!

Van: Maybe we can start a website that provides good drivers a place to vent their road rage. I know one such site in the States, called Plate Wire.

Sedan: Really? How does it work?

Van: You just go there and post your road rage for the whole world to see. Those pointed, even profane commentaries are accompanied by license plate numbers to shame the maniacs behind the wheel.

Sedan: I doubt how effective a strategy this is. The idiot I met today probably doesn’t even use a computer. Even if he does, whether he goes to such site is another question.

Van: At least you can vent your spleen and rest in peace. Sounds great?

Sedan: Not at all. I guess I’d rather bring a bazooka with me and blow up every moron driving past me. 

Van: Believe me. They are not worth the ammunition. A short post online would suffice. If still this isn’t enough, add some really profane malediction. So, let’s start planning about the new website!

Sedan: Alright, I am in, but I insist that the site be called “Bazooka.”


motorist (n) 汽車駕駛 pointed (adj) 尖刻的
sideswipe (v) 擦撞 profane (adj) 咒罵的
rocket (v) 向前急衝 maniac (n) 瘋子
tread (v) 步行,走 spleen (n) 怒氣
Formula One (n) F1賽車 bazooka (n) 火箭筒
circuit (n) 賽道 moron (n) 低能兒
jerk (n) 蠢人 ammunition (n) 彈藥
rile up (v) 激怒 suffice (v) 足夠
throttle (v) 掐死 malediction (n) 詛咒
vent (v) 發洩  



Plate Wire:http://www.platewire.com/

Washington Post: 'You're an Idiot,' And Other Festive Holiday Greetings

abcNews:A Place to Vent Your Road Rage



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