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Happy New Year!

Wait a mintue, were you really happy on New Year's Day? Probably not, if you got fined in the large-scale campaign against traffic violations.

If unfortunately you did get a ticket, you must take a look at our English-Express this time. See how one reckless driver complains about this New Year surprise. ...  

 Hey you! Stop! No speeding!!


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Discovery—Great Expectations

這回介紹的影片是Discovery偉大之書系列其中一片,講的是狄更斯的Great Expextations一書,中文譯作「孤星血淚」,不過大家不要把它想得太灑狗血,其實是很引人入勝的一本小說,沒看過也沒關係,看看影片的介紹,下回聽到有人在談狄更斯的「雙城記」或者「塊肉餘生記」等名著時,你就可以跳出來說,「那你們知道它的『孤星血淚』這本書嗎?」,保證沒人知道!倒不是書太小眾,而是譯名太冷門了,XD ... 來看個孤星血淚吧!嗚~



Law-abiding, or Anaemic?

Van: Happy New Year, Sedan!

Sedan: Happy New Year, Van. But actually, I was not that happy about the New Year.

Van: How come? What happened?

Sedan: I got fined for running red lights. It will cost me 3000 dollars to pay the ticket.

Van: I heard about that campaign against wayward driving too. The number of tickets issued during the New Year holidays was record-high. Sorry to hear that you happen to be one of the victims.

Sedan: The traffic police just lurked behind some roadside cover and popped out suddenly and waved me to stop. It’s so mean! Are they police or robbers? Long live our blood-sucking government!

Van: Wait a minute! You shouldn’t have broken the rules in the first place. You must be responsible for your own wrongs, right?

Sedan: I know, I know. I just need to let off steam, OK? And why do the police have to do it the paparazzi way? I remember this was once forbidden, wasn’t it?

Van: Not anymore. Now the government seems determined to act “furtively” to weed out reckless drivers like you.

Sedan: Indeed, it weeds out my pocket money first and leaves me no money to live by and die. That’s how our government gets rid of bad drivers like me.

Van: Be serious about this. We do need stricter law enforcement to deal with the traffic in Taiwan. Road fatality rate has been rising as the police adopted the high-profile stance you prefer, so they are changing the policy now.

Sedan: Still, it’s blood-sucking! I think Dracula would be very interested in running for the next presidential election. Once elected, he could have inexhaustible blood supply as the head of government.

Van: Very funny. Now, you can choose to be a law-abiding citizen or to live in anaemia. What would you do?

Sedan: I think I need to pay the fine first. And never get another ticket again.

Van: A sensible choice. Good luck to you!



campaign (n) 運動,活動 enforcement (n) 實施,執行
victim (n) 受害者 fatality (n) (意外事故的)死亡
lurk (v) 埋伏
high-profile (adj) 高調的
pop (v) 突然出現
stance (n) 立場
blook-sucking (adj) 吸血的
Dracula (n) 卓古拉,指吸血鬼
let off steam (v ph.) 發洩
inexhaustible (adj) 無盡的
paparazzi (n) 狗仔隊
law-abiding (adj) 守法的
furtively (adv) 偷偷地 anaemia (n) 貧血
weed out (v ph.) 除去



China Post:3,000 drivers served with fines on New Year's Day



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