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Do you happen to have a GPS set? If you do, be careful! You never know if these fashionable gadgets are really helping you or not!

By the way, are you interested in reading classical literature, say, Shakespeare? Congratulations! You stand a better chance of retaining your ever-fading intelligence!

Wanna save your brain cells? Check out how...  

Get Smarter!

Why is Tarzan so depressed?


◎ 寫作中心公告

本學習的寫作諮詢服務將於1/12結束,來不及預約的,就只好下學期再見囉~ ... 那就下學期見嗎?

◎ 電子報編輯公告

「英語學習報刊頭圖片設計比賽」正如火如荼進行中,目前已收到一些不錯的稿件,將要在一月十二號截止收件了唷,還要投稿的朋友們,快快快!!!... 比賽辦法

◎ 英文小老師服務異動

為因應期末考可能有的問題潮(小編自行想像的),小老師服務加開週一下午與週四上午兩個時段,請大家多加利用唷!... 看看時間表




英國廣播公司-BBC提供生動好玩的英語學習遊戲網頁。本週介紹你好玩的單字果汁機。準備好你的耳機,按下果汁機開關後,聽果汁機發出的聲音選擇應對的字首與字尾,丟入果汁機中,然後就是字首字尾攪拌成為新的單字的時間。答對的話,果汁機會給你有趣的鼓勵喔!超級簡單的單字遊戲,也適合與小朋友一同玩樂喔! ... 來打個果汁吧!




每天有無數的早產兒來到這個世界上。在美國,每年有超過五十萬名的早產寶寶出生。對於這些早產寶寶的媽媽來說,如何將脆弱又嬌小的早產寶寶照顧好無疑是最急迫又重要的難題。想知道更多有關早產兒的醫學資訊嗎?來看看紐約市的羅斯福醫院婦產科主任Dr Jacques MoritzCBS新聞中分享他的臨床經驗。... 去看看吧!




Discovery—Soul of the Samurai

在連續幾期的英語學習教材介紹之後,相信大家也想在期末考前喘口氣吧?這回介紹的是小而美的Discovery影片,片長才五十分鐘,但是內容十分精彩!日本武士以及武士道精神向來讓外國人十分好奇,連「不可能的阿湯哥」都要參一腳來演個「末代武士」,雖然該片中最不像武士的就是阿湯本人了...。有興趣的朋友們,快來看看武士精神的由來與演變吧!也可以學到許多日本文化相關語彙的英文說法唷!例如「侍魂」大概就叫Soul of the Samurai? ... 「侍魂」也是個懷舊的遊戲



Me Tarzan, You Shakespeare
GPS裝置近來正大行其道,讓我們來看看泰山拿到GPS後和泰太太*Jane的一段有趣對話吧! (泰太太=泰山的太太)

Tarzan: Hey, Jane! Look what I’ve got for Christmas! A new GPS cell phone! That way I won’t get lost in the jungle anymore! And you can call me anytime when dinner is ready. Isn’t it great?

Jane: I am afraid it’s not that great, dear. A new research shows that these satellite navigation systems can stunt your brain and prevent it from developing. You just learned to use language properly, right? I definitely don’t want to go back to the “Me Tarzan, you Jane” kind of life again. So throw it away right NOW!

Tarzan: Wait a minute. What’s the search about?

Jane: It’s a RESEARCH, OK? Scientists compared the brains of taxi drivers with those of bus drivers. They found that taxi drivers had more gray matter in the brain area associated with memory.

Tarzan: How come? They are all drivers, aren’t they?

Jane: Bus drivers stick to routes, while taxi drivers have to store a mental map of the entire city they live in. In a word, taxi drivers use their brains more, so their brains keep growing. And if you use that new GPS device, God knows how your fragile language ability may regress.

Tarzan: Oh no! I will give this cell phone to Chimp. He is just too smart, and he even plays tricks on me. That’s all-rages!

Jane: I guess you mean OUTRAGEOUS. And, my dear, giving Chimp the phone doesn’t make you any smarter. You must try something else.

Tarzan: Like what?

Jane: Like… like reading classical literature… reading Shakespeare!

Tarzan: Urr… what is this … um… Shakes Spear? A hunter or a warrior?

Jane: No, he is a great writer. Another research shows that reading Shakespeare can spark more brain activity than reading other kinds of pedestrian writing.

Tarzan: Pedestrian writing? They shouldn’t do that, I’ll say. Writing while walking is too dangerous. I always focus on my hands and the vines when I am swinging!

Jane: My gosh! Dear, you really need to read some Shakespeare and stop being mentally challenged.

Tarzan: Darling, you know I am always willing to face all kinds of challenges. Yet where can I find some Shakespeare’s stuff to read? And how can I understand his work?

Jane: You may go online. The NTU library has an online introductory course to Shakespeare. You can hear recitations of his love sonnets and watch video clips of his major plays.

Tarzan: What do you mean by going “online”? I think I am already “on line” all the time, swinging, you see?

Jane: No dear, you are only on “vine.” Well, forget it. Just use your GPS happily, and I will call you when dinner’s ready….

Tarzan: Hurray! "OOOOHHH-EEE-OOH-EEE-OOOOHHH" (Tarzan Yell)



GPS (n) Global Positioning System全球位置 chimp (n) chimpanzee 黑猩猩
測定系統 outrageous (adj) 無法無天的
satellite navigation(n) 衛星導航
spear (n) 矛,叉
stunt (v) 阻止,妨礙
spark (v) 激勵,點燃
properly (adv) 恰當地,正確地
pedestrian (n);(adj) 行人;平淡的,平庸的
definitely (adv) 明確地,當然
vine (n) 藤蔓
gray matter (n) (大腦的) 灰白質
swing (v) 擺盪
associate (v) 與...相關
mentally challenged (adj) 智力障礙的
stick to (v) 忠於
recitation (n) 朗誦
mental (adj) 精神的,內心的
sonnet (n) 十四行詩
regress (v) 衰退,退化



NTU Library E-learning:a. 英語朗讀,從莎士比亞開始b. 英語聽力訓練課程││

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