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Now, imagine yourself on a plane. What would you think of if you happen to smell something REALLY bad? Poisonous gas released by terrorists? If you were the pilot, would you call for an emergency landing?

Take it easy! Maybe you can just stand up and ask," Well, WHO farted?"

Don't ever underestimate the power of human fatulance. Here's why!


No Farting, Please!


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英語宅急便How powerful is human flatulence?


Santa: Hey, what's so funny about the news? You keep laughing!

Claus: This is just incredible, " Flatulence Forces Emergency Landing."

Santa: Oh, I guess I know what happened. Stupid reporters again, right? It should be "turbulence" instead of "flatulence." I wonder whether they go to primary schools at all.

Claus: No, stop being priggish! It’s indeed flatulence.

Santa: Really, how did this happen? I mean, are you saying that a fart had grounded an airliner?

Claus: Yes, an American Airlines flight bound for Dallas, to be precise. Passengers were smelling fumes like matches being struck, and the pilot decided that it’s not safe to continue on. So the flight was diverted to Nashville. All passengers and crew members were taken inside the terminal for investigation while the plane was searched and luggage was screened.

Santa: And what did that have to do with "flatulence"? It was about lighting of matches, wasn’t it?

Claus: The FBI found evidence of spent matches in the seating area of a woman passenger, who admitted that she lit matches to mask gas that she emitted.

Santa: I wonder how obnoxious that fart was. And what was she thinking when she struck the matches to… to conceal the odor? How would this burning work? By burning the noxious emissions, by creating a different, stronger smell, or by burning down the whole plane?

Claus: Supposedly, the fire would burn off the primary ingredient, methane, and dissipate the odor much more quickly.

Santa: Well, apparently this sly trick doesn't apply inside an aircraft, especially when people become so vigilant about terrorist attacks after 911.

Claus: Fortunately there was no malice involved and the incident was just accidental. The woman was not charged but only banned from AA "for a long time."

Santa: This story gives me a good idea. "Flatulence" may be the secret weapon against grapplers. One burst is all you need and it won't harm the environment.

Claus: Actually it will. Methane is a greenhouse gas.

Santa: Oh, very true! Then I have to use my little secret weapon carefully. I just want to immobilize one opponent, not the entire humanity and animals and plants that live on the planet.



incredible (adj) 難以置信的
emit (v) 排放
flatulence (n) 屁
obnoxious (adj) 可憎的
turbulence (n) 亂流
noxious (adj) 有毒的
priggish (adj) 自以為的
ingredient (n) 原料,組成元素
fart (n) (V) 屁;放屁
methane (n) 甲烷
ground (v) 使...落地
dissipate (v) 使消散
airliner (n) 大型客機
sly (adj) 狡猾的
fume (n) (難聞的)煙,氣
vigilant (adj) 警覺的
divert (v) 轉向
malice (n) 惡意
crew members (n) 機組人員
grappler (n) 格鬥家
terminal (n) 航空站
greenhouse gas (n) 溫室氣體
screen (v) 過濾,篩檢
immobilize (v) 使不能活動
mask (v) 掩飾



CNN :Flatulence on plane sparks emergency landing

REUTERS:Flatulent passenger grounds flight

ETtoday:婦人放臭屁~ 美客機緊急降落!



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