New Medical Tape Reduces Pain for Newborns, Older Adults

a Premature Baby in India has medical tape placed on her face. (From VOA NEWS)





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New Medical Tape Reduces Pain for Newborns, Older Adults


  • Please click on the link to listen to the news clip and answer the following questions.

I. Vocabulary Check-up

tear off  to remove your clothes quickly and carelessly

adhesive  sticky

monitor  to watch and check a situation carefully for a period of time in order to discover something about it

roll off  move somewhere by turning over and over or from side to side

Fill in the blanks with one of the words from the word list above

1. The new tape adds another layer of sticky ___________.

2. The new findings suggest that women ought to ___________ their cholesterol levels.

3. The vase ___________ the edge of the table and smashed.

4. I _____ my sweaty clothes _____ and jumped into the shower.


II. Listening Comprehension / Multiple Choice

1. Where do babies born with serious medical conditions often spend their first days in a hospital?

a) occupational therapy center b) intensive-care unit c) pain management clinic 

d) renal unit

2. Changing the tape daily can bring ____ to babies.

a) a sense of safety b) peace and blessing c) anxiety and stress d) pain and danger

3. Which of the following causes the problem of skin injuries from using the tape?

a) the sticky part of the tape b) the original material used for the tape

c) the removal of the tape d) the intense force of the wrapped tape

4. What are the devices to the skin for monitoring?

a) temperature probes b) endotracheal tubes c) EKG leads d) All of the above

5. What might be the damage caused by using the tape?

a) tissue torn off from the skin b) hearing impairment c) color blindness

d) facial expression abnormality

6. The adhesive of the medical tape can be removed by _____.

a) detergent b) facial cleanser c) talcum powder d) protein powder

7. The materials for the medical tape are seldom used.

a) True b) False c) Not mentioned

8. The medical tape has been approved by the government.

a) True b) False c) Not mentioned



I. Vocabulary Check-up

1. adhesive 2. monitor 3. rolled off 4. tore off

II. Listening Comprehension

1. b 2. d 3. c 4. d 5. a 6. c 7. b 8. b

Source: http://learningenglish.voanews.com/content/new-medical-tape-reduces-pain-for-newborns-older-adults/1546067.html

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