US Faces Worst Drought in 56 Years

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在各國反對聲浪之中,北韓發射了多階段火箭(multi-stage rocket)。雖然火箭第一階段後就失敗,未能把人造觀測衛星(observation satellite)送上軌道,但各國仍同聲撻伐,將之視為挑釁行為(provocation),也違反聯合國決議(resolution)。更有情報指出,北韓的下一階段是地下的核子試爆(underground explosions of nuclear devices)。更多關於軍事與國際政治的英文表達法都在本期的自學包裹裡。

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US Faces Worst Drought in 56 Years

The United States is suffering its worst drought in almost sixty years. Moderate to extreme dry conditions spread to fifty-five percent of the continental United States in June. That was the most since December of nineteen fifty-six.

The National Climatic Data Center also says high temperatures in June added to the warmest twelve-month period on record. Recordkeeping began in eighteen ninety-five.

The drought map ___1___ that conditions improved in the Southeast in June compared to May. But they intensified from the Midwest to the Great Plains and much of the West. Predictions through the end of October suggest that the drought is likely to improve in areas of the Southwest and Southeast. But the drought is expected to continue or intensify in large parts of the country.

Last week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack ___2___ with President Obama. Mr. Vilsack says the drought has severely affected corn and soybean crops. The United States is the world's leading producer of maize and soybeans.  

TOM VILASK: "Thirty-eight percent of our corn crop as of today is rated ___3___ poor to very poor, thirty percent of our soybeans, poor to very poor."

Most of the affected states are in the southern half of the country. But officials said farmlands in the north are now drying up as well.

The drought has ___4___ prices for corn and soybeans. Both are used in food production and for animal feed. Last week the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported a twenty percent jump in maize and wheat prices over the past three weeks.

Wheat prices are up as hot, dry weather affects production in the Black Sea region.

In the United States, ranchers may quickly reduce the size of their herds of animals rather than pay higher feed prices to keep raising them. That increased supply of meat would reduce meat prices in the short-term. But those prices could increase several months from now.

Mr. Vilsack said the overall effect of the drought is hard to predict. Some areas are getting rain, and drought-resistant seeds have helped crops grow well in some areas.

President Obama has cut the interest rate on disaster loans for farmers and made it easier for affected areas to receive government financial assistance. ___5___, farmers are waiting to see

what Congress does with the farm bill, a major piece of legislation renewed every five years.

The Senate has passed a version that would end direct payments to farmers but help pay for crop insurance. The plan would save money. But the House of Representative has passed different legislation, and Congress needs to ___6___ a compromise. The current farm bill ends at the end of September.

I. Vocabulary

suffer (v.) to experience physical or mental pain

drought (n.) a long period when there is little or no rain

moderate (adj.) neither very great nor very small in amount, size, strength, or degree

intensify (v.) to become greater, more serious or more extreme, or to make something do this

severely (adv.) very badly, very seriously

herd (n.) a group of animals of one kind that live and feed together

legislation (n.) a law or set of laws suggested by a government and made official by a parliament

compromise (v.) a way of solving a problem or ending an argument in which both people or groups accept that they cannot have everything they want

II. Cloze Test

1. (A) showed (B) played (C) performed (D) realized

2. (A) meet (B) met (C) has met (D) had been met

3. (A) of (B) on (C) by (D) as

4. (A) dried up (B) turned up (C) looked up (D) pushed up

5. (A) Moreover (B) As a result (C) On the contrary (D) At the same time

6. (A) achieve (B) receive (C) reach (D) ascertain

Answer key: 1. A 2. B 3. D 4. D 5. D 6. C

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Source: http://learningenglish.voanews.com/content/us-drought/1444008.html

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