Online Textbooks Update Student Learning

Washington-area school system turns to e-books






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Core Skills for Business Writing -  Successful Emails

這一期將介紹Clarity English一個超強商業寫作系列 - Core Skills for Business Writing - Successful Emails針對已有基礎寫作學習者,此軟體分十個主題的講解及練習,包含商業書信、電子郵件書信、求職信、案例討論、企畫及報告等,是一套非常有效的商業文件書寫的訓練課程。

今天讓我們先來看看如何撰寫適當的EmailSuccessful emails不僅教您 email 如何寫,還提供常見的表情符號以及Email常使用的縮寫字呢!


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Online Textbooks Update Student Learning

Washington-area school system turns to e-books


Watch the news clip on VOA


Please click on the link to watch the news clip and answer the following questions.

I. Match the words with their definitions.

Read the sentences. Using the context, guess the meanings of the boldfaced words and expressions. Then match them with their definitions by typing in the letters representing the definitions.


A. to become a particular amount

B. to show or find the difference between things which are compared

C. always behaving or happening in a similar, especially positive, way

D. practical knowledge and ability

E. to know about something before it happens

F. to change suddenly or completely, especially from one thing to another, or to exchange by replacing one person or thing with another


1. _____ Our students come to us technologically savvy and ready to utilize resources from a variety of different places.

2. _____ The President has consistently denied the rumors.

3. _____ The various building programmes add up to several thousand new homes.

4. _____ She started studying English at college, but switched to Business Studies in her second year.

5. _____ We do not differentiate between our workers on the basis of their background or ethnic origin.

6. _____ I don't foresee any difficulties so long as we keep within budget.


II. Listening Comprehension / True or False


1. _____ The Washington region’s largest school system has begun using online course material for, elementary, middle- and high-school students.

2. _____ This school year, Fairfax County Public Schools shifted from hard cover to electronic textbooks for medical studies in its middle and high schools.

3. _____ The switch from hard cover to electronic textbooks came after digital books were used in 50 schools last year.

4. _____ One of the benefits of electronic textbooks is the ability to update content.

5. _____ There is a significant financial benefit though students are required to buy a computer.

6. _____ All students like online textbooks.

7. _____ Students will be able to highlight their work and leave notes and it will all be saved onto their accounts.

8. _____ Students can individualize their learning and teachers can individualize their instruction by using online textbooks.

9. _____ Making sure all students have online access outside school remains a challenge.

10. _____ The survey shows 70 percent of students have computer access at home according to this report.


I. 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. F 5. B 6. E

II. 1. F 2. F 3. F 4. T 5. F 6. F 7. T 8. T 9. T 10. F



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