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How Can a Country Disconnect Itself From the Internet?


Marcus Eriksen is on a global expedition to document and publicize the growing accumulation of plastic trash in our oceans, and to study its effects on marine and human life Photo from VOA news website
Anti-government protesters use the internet on a laptop in Tahrir Square in Cairo on February 7




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How Can a Country Disconnect Itself From the Internet?

20 February 2011


I. Matching: match the words in the box with their definition below.









1. _________: too strong to be destroyed
2. _________: the steady movement of something (e.g., traffic, information)
3. _________: a way of thinking about people, situations, ideas etc
4. _________: boring or ordinary
5. _________: a delay in one stage of a process that makes the whole process take longer
6. _________: legally granted access
7. _________: kept
8. _________: to examine books, films, letters etc to remove anything that is considered offensive, morally harmful, or politically dangerous etc


II. Cloze: fill in the blanks with the words you hear from the news report

Click here to listen to the news report: http://www.voanews.com/MediaAssets2/learningenglish/dalet/se-tech-internet-kill-switch-21feb11.Mp3

1. A five-day Internet shutdown in Egypt _______ _______ stop the _______ that forced President Hosni Mubarak to _______, which _______ a technical question.

2. Mr. Labovitz, chief scientist at Arbor Networks, says the Internet is not as as _______ people might think, and the _______ of computer traffic can be _______.

3 ."From a technical _______, the popular imagination of the Internet is as a network that can _______ nuclear wars, can't be stopped. But the engineering realities are a lot more _______.

4. In many countries there are a few natural _______, whether it be large data centers or _______."

5. "Although there are a hundred or more providers within the country -- _______ providers -- there really are only four providers that maintain _______ links to the external world.

6. News reports suggested that the fiber optic links for those networks are even all _______ in the same building.

7. Could a similar Internet shutdown _______ _______ in the United States?

8. The recent shutdown in Egypt has _______ new _______ _______ a proposal in the United States Congress.

9. Supporters of the National _______ Act say it would help protect the country’s economic and national security from _______ attack. It would give the president the emergency power to shut down or _______ parts of the nation's Internet in the event of a major threat.

10. Some people say the government could use "Kill Switch Bill" to _______ the Web and control the _______ of information.

I. 1. indestructable 2. flow 3. standpoint 4. prosaic 5. bottleneck 6. right-of-way 
7. housed 8. censor

II. 1. failed to; protests; resign; raised 2. indestructible; flow; restricted 3. standpoint; survive; prosaic 4. bottlenecks, right-of-ways 5. domestic; external 6. housed 7. take place 8. raised; concern about 9. Asset; cyber; seize 10. censor; flow


Source: http://www.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/How-Can-a-Country-Disconnect-Itself-From-the-Internet-116564558.html

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