Hi!  With the swine flu news on TV and newspaper every day,  I am sure everyone has the same concerns as I have. After I talked with the travel agency, there are 4 ways that this cruise will play out.
We do have alternatives with full refund.
1. With all the international efforts, this flu will be under control and we cruise as planned.
2. The cruise line will take alternative route(s) to avoid high infected areas.  Some are going to San Diego/ Santa Barbara US, instead of Mexico.
3. The cruise will be canceled and everyone will get full refund.
4. Individuals can cancel the cruise before June 22, 2009 with full refund.
Our Association president, Diane Tang-Liu has sent out similar notice to all
I am excited to report that so far our class(13
) has the highest number of people registered,13 and more people are coming for our Sunday night 40th reunion. I am working on securing a hotel and banquet room for August 30, 2009, our pre-cruise dinner.
I am cautious but hopeful.  I know it creates inconvenience for out of town classmates.  This is unusual time and it will make our reunion even more special. In the mean time, please bring or send me your recent photos, old school photos, summaries of what happen to you or your family in the past 40 years, how you are enjoying your retirement, your hobbies or whatever you want to share with everyone. If anyone has any other questions, concerns and suggestions, please let me know.  I really hope we can have our reunion.

Thank you for your patience.
Li-Ya (Alice)