Dear Members,
As the swine flu incidents are still being assessed at the global level, the Board would like to make a few comments to those who have already paid for our Baja Mexico Cruise in August, those who are very close to registering, and those who are still juggling with commitments and scheduling.
1.        In the event, the swine flu incident is resolved and under control in 4 months time, the Cruise will go on as the plan.
2.       Should the swine flu incident remain unresolved by mid August, the Cruise Co may stop over other ports such as Santa Barbara or San Diego, instead of Ensenada.  The price, of course, will be adjusted accordingly.
At this point, the Board feels it is premature to take any actions other than our original plan:
1.        The Cruise Co is most experienced in handling these situations and is in close contact with governments and related agencies such as CDC.  We expect the Cruise Co will provide us the most up-to-date and balanced guidance.
2.       We continue to encourage our members to register at your own comfort level and convenience.  We would like to remind everyone that an equally and perhaps more precious component of this Reunion is our time together on or off the ship.  You will enjoy the on-board reunion programs and walk away with memories full of fun, friendship, and rekindled spirits.
Our Board commits to a most enjoyable and safe reunion for all of our members.  We are in constant contact with Sunshine Travel/Carnival Cruise Co.  Should we have any significant update, we will share with you immediately.  Thank you all for your support, understanding, and patience.
Warmest regards,
Diane Tang-Liu
NTUSPAA-NA President