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轉知「2015北美年會ALASKA CRUISE 」重要消息,請見下方。謝謝。

Hi, Dear NTUSPAA-NA and  NTUMCAA-NA member:


Good news, your 6/29-7/06, Alaska cruise fare has been adjusted.


The ocean view cabin has been update and will receive an extra 0 on board credit per each booking .  This credit can be used for shore excursions and personal expend .  But it can’t be used for tips or for playing in the casino. 


If you are planning to arrange an air ticket now, please make sure

*** 6/29  you arrive at ANC airport before 2:30pm  flight

*** 7/06   book your flight for after 1pm from YVR back to hometown.




Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the upcoming trip!


I'm writing to kindly remind everyone that the final payment for 6/29, 2015 ALASKA CRUISE is due BY 3/25, 2015.


1. 6/29  Transfer between airport to pier , it will cost an additional   $ 65.00 per person ( from ANC AIRPORT  arrive before 2:30 PM flight),  **  7/06  between pier to airport , it will cost an additional   $ 25.00.00 per person ( from YVR AIRPORT  after 1 PM flight,).  Please provide the flight schedule information*** If you need this transportation service.


2.  If you live outside of the country, our company’s policy is that you have to pay your final payment with a wire transfer.  I have attached the form to make the wire transfer. There will be a bank fee to make the wire transfer, so please add an extra for the payment.  Sorry about the hassle, but this is our company’s policy.


3. Please make sure every guest has HIS/HER VALID PASSPORT WITH HIM/HER ON BOARD**all passports must valid at least 6 month and over counting from your return date***



Feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns.


Pauline Chin

Cell: 626-825-2311

Email: pauline@sunshineholiday.com

Sunshine Holiday Tours

2707 E. Valley Blvd., #315, West Covina, CA 91792



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