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NO.006 / Publication Date:December 1st, 2008
Editor's Note

The NTU Alumni E-news is now running its sixth issue! The current issue reports to our alumni on the many, diverse honors and research achievements of NTU faculty. As reported, NTU has risen to be named the best university in Taiwan and China and 164th in the World, according to Shanghai Jiao Tong University's latest Ranking of World Universities, and NTU's College of Management moved up to 43rd place in the Financial Times' Global EMBA Rankings. See the special report for further details.

The e-news Honor Column reports that nine NTU professors were elected academicians of Academic Sinica, and that NTU faculty won nearly half of the Ministry of Education's Chair Professorship awards and academic awards for 2008. Moreover, a student team from NTU won a prestigious international IC Design Contest for the third time. Two outstanding NTU faculty members, Dr. Pan-chyr Yang, Dean and Professor of Internal Medicine at National Taiwan University, and Dr. Der-Tsai Lee, Professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at NTU, were elected to be new members of TWAS, professor Yue-gau Chen, was named Geological Society of America Fellow, professor Kuang-chao Fan was named Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, professor Homer H. Chen won the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society's CSYT Best Paper Award for 2008, and professor Hu-yung Lin was the first Taiwan scholar ever to be named Corresponding Member of the American Society of Plant Biologists.

In the Column on Research Achievements, we share with our alumni several important recent research achievements of NTU faculty members, for example NTU achieved a major breakthrough in Ultra High Speed Wireless Communication Technology--"Making Wireless High Definition Television a Reality," Department of Geosciences Professor Hongey Chen discovered that typhoons are effective in strengthening carbon sequestration. His research findings were published in the globally prestigious journal "Nature geoscience," Department of Geosciences Professor Sheng-Rong Song's Studies on Earthquake Fault Zone were also published in "Nature geoscience", a NTU Hospital team doubled victim survival rate following cardiac arrest by using extracorporeal CPR, NTU Professor Zee-Fen Chang unfolded the moving and dying mechanism of chronic myeloid leukocytes, the NTU Institute of Oceanography garnered global recognition for its measurement and analysis of sea water temperature change, and a young NTU scientist made a significant breakthrough in high-energy particle physics research.

At year's end, as we celebrate NTU's 80th Anniversary, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to every alumnus, and to reaffirm our firm commitment to making NTU the best university in the world.


special report


NTU Best in Taiwan and China, 164th in World in Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Latest Ranking of World Universities, and NTU's College of Management Moved up to 43rd Place in Finanancial Times' Global EMBA Rankings (NTU Fu Bell)

NTU Best in Taiwan and China, 164th in World in Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Latest Ranking of World Universities

Things just keep getting better here at NTU as the nation's leading university continues its march towards its goal of joining the ranks of the world's 100 best universities. In the 2008 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Rankings of World Universities, NTU earned a 164th place ranking, marking an advancement of eight spots from its 172nd place ranking in 2007...>>Full Text

NTU's College of Management Moved up to 43rd Place in Finanancial Times' Global EMBA Rankings

The Financial Times of London released the results of its 2008 Global EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) survey on October 28th. After rigorous review, NTU's College of Management achieved a quantum leap, advancing to the 43rd place among the world's top one hundred universities, and reigned supreme in Taiwan...>>Full Text


Research Achiements

Nine from NTU Elected Academicians of Academia Sinica for 2008

Academia Sinica, Taiwan's leading academic institute, announced its 27th annual roster of academicians on July 4, and 9 of the 19 newly-elected academicians for 2008 are members of the NTU family. Eight of these nine academicians are NTU alumni...>>Full Text

NTU Professors Win Nearly Half of Ministry of Education's National Chair Professorship Awards and Academic Awards for 2008

The Ministry of Education's Council of Academic Review and Evaluation announced the winners of its National Chair Professorship Awards and Academic Awards for 2008 in early September. Members of the NTU faculty claimed six of the ten National Chair Professorship Awards and five of the 12 Academic Awards...>>Full Text

NTU Student Team Wins International IC Design Contest for the Third Time

An NTU student team from the Department of Electrical Engineering was named a winner of the DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest at the 45th Design Automation Conference, which took place in Anaheim, California from June 8 to 13, for its entry entitled "iVisual: An Intelligent Visual Sensor SoC with 1790 fps CMOS Image Sensor and 205GOPS/W Vision Processorv."...>>Full Text

Two NTU Professors Achieved International Recognition by Their Newly Acquired Fellowship in TWAS

The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) is much lauded for its active efforts in aiding third world countries to develop science. In the afternoon of November 11th Taiwan time, TWAS released its list of new academicians for 2008. Dr. Pan-chyr Yang, Dean and Professor of Internal Medicine at National Taiwan University, and Dr. Der-Tsai Lee, Professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at NTU, were both elected to become new members of TWAS, bringing total number of Taiwanese academicians of TWAS to 26...>>Full Text

NTU Geoscientist Yue-gau Chen Named Geological Society of America Fellow...>>Full Text

Professor Kuang-chao Fan Named Fellow of Society of Manufacturing Engineers...>>Full Text

Professor Homer H. Chen Wins 2008 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society's CSYT Best Paper Award...>>Full Text

Professor Chu-yung Lin, First Taiwan Scholar to be Named Corresponding Member of American Society of Plant Biologists...>>Full Text

NTU Scientist Dr. Kai-feng Chen Wins Prestigious IUPAP Young Scientist Award in Particle Physics...>>Full Text


NTU Achieves a Major Breakthrough in Ultra High Speed Wireless Communication Technology-Making Wireless High Definition Television a Reality

Imagine a world in which information flies around at will- the TV set, stereo equipment, and camcorders, etc., in your drawing room are all connected by a high speech wireless network, which can transmit high definition, non compressed audio-visual programs to every corner of your house in the twinkling of an eye; also imagine that every airport, bus station or train station there is a kiosk in which you can download movies and games at any time...>> Full Text

Department of Geosciences Professor Hongye Chen discovered that typhoons were effective in strengthening carbon sequestration. His research results were published in the internationally famous journal "Nature geoscience."

Taiwan experiences about four typhoons every year. Although these typhoons caused geological disasters such as landfalls and mudslides, the large amount of rainwater erosion brought forth by these typhoons was also conducive to the reduction of carbon contents in the soils and vegetations on the Taiwan island. The internationally renowned journal on geosciences "Nature geoscience" published the research results of Cambridge University and National Taiwan University in its recent issue...>> Full Text

Department of Geosciences Professor Sheng-Rong Song's Studies on Earthquake Fault Zone Published in Nature geoscience Journal

The research achievements of NTU's Department of Geosciences Professor Sheng-Rong Song and a research team of JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology ) led by Professor Ishikawa were published in the October issue of the internationally renowned journal "Nature geoscience."...>> Full Text

NTU Hospital Team Doubles Survival Rate After Cardiac Arrest with Extracorporeal CPR

The resuscitation team at the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) and NTUH Yun-Lin Branch reports in the August 2008 issue of the British medical journal The Lancet that the survival rate for patients in their study who were provided with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) life support was twice as high as that of those who were given conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) alone...>> Full Text

NTU's Prof. Zee-Fen Chang Unfolds Moving and Dying Mechanism of Chronic Myeloid Leukocytes

After years of effort, Prof. Zee-feng Chang from the NTU College of College of Medicine's Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has finally unfolded the moving and dying mechanism of chronic bone marrow leukocytes...>> Full Text

NTU Institute of Oceanography Receives International Recognition for Sea Temperature Change

A team of researchers from NTU's Institute of Oceanography, including Prof. Yaling Tsai, Prof. Ching-sheng Chern and Prof. Joe Wang, published a paper showing how typhoons lead to upper ocean cooling in the waters off Taiwan's northeast coast in the Geophysical Research Letters on July 22. This international recognition is a wonderful accomplishment for the Institute of Oceanography...>> Full Text

Young NTU Scientist Produces Breakthrough in High-Energy Particle Physics Research

Dr. Kai-feng Chen, who earned his bachelor's, master's and Ph.D at NTU, recently won the Young Scientist Prize from the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. He presented his research results at the 2008 International High Energy Physics Conference in Philadelphia, announcing that he had found signs of the existence of a new particle. Japan's KEK lab issued a press release at the same time, saying that its Belle team, of which Dr. Chen was a member, had discovered three new particles. Dr. Chen's achievement shows that Taiwan's research accomplishments in high energy physics lead the world in 2008, and led to NTU President Si-chen Lee hailing Dr. Chen as a "hero of Taiwan."...>> Full Text


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