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NO.003 / Publication Date:October  8th, 2007
Editor's Note

In this issue of “NTU Alumni News,” we have provided our readers with some important NTU news. In the “Special Report” column, NTU is setting a new world recordFoxconn Corporation’s Yong-ling Charity Foundation donates an unprecedented amount of N.T. 15 Billion to help NTU establish a cancer hospital and a proton center. In the “Research Achievement” column, we select to report Professor Lin-shan Lee’s outstanding research on the web-based learning software “NTU Chinese.” For the “Honors” column, we want to share great pride with our alumni. According to Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University’s appraisal of 500 global universities in 2007, National Taiwan University retook first place as the best Chinese university. Besides, eight NTU professors win academic awards from the Ministry of Education.


special report

The Yong Lin Foundation of the Foxconn Hon Hai Precision Group donates N.T. 15 billion to help NTU set up a Cancer Hospital, a Proton Center, and develop biomedical researches. Pictured above is NTU’s President Si-chen Li and Foxconn’s Chairman Terry Gou (left) exchanging The Memorandum of Understanding.(96.09.04)

Setting a New World Record: Foxconn Corporation’s Yong-ling Charity Foundation Donates an Unprece-dented Amount of N.T. 15 Billion to help NTU Establish a Cancer Hospital, a Proton Center, and Promote Cancer Treatment and Biomedical R & D

Founded by Chairman Terry Gou of the Foxconn Hon Hai Precision Group, The Yong Lin Charity Foundation signed a “Memorandum of Donation and Cooperation” with National Taiwan University on September 4th, pledging to donate N.T. 10 billion for the building of a 500-bed caner hospital and a state-of-the art proton center for the treatment of cancer. In addition, the Foundation pledged to donate another N.T. 5 billion to NTU to promote cancer treatment and biomedical engineering research. Total donation by the Foxconn Hon Hai Precision Group amounts to N.T. 15 billion, setting a new world record of enterprise donation to university medical colleges...>> Full Text


Research Achiements

Results of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Appraisal of Global Universities Released; NTU Gloriously Ascends to the First Place as the Best University in All Chinese Territories Including China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University recently released the results of its appraisal of 500 global universities. National Taiwan University retook first place as the best Chinese university...>> Full Text 

Eight NTU Professors Win Academic Awards from the Ministry of Education;Professor J.D. Wang and Professor Lin-Shan Lee Are Elected Lifelong National Chair Professors

Professor J. D. Wang and Professor Lin-shan Lee of NTU were elected for the second time as lifelong national chair professors. In addition, among the nine professors awarded national chair professorship, NTU has five, adding proof of the scholastic attainment of National Taiwan University...>> Full Text


Web-based Learning Software “NTU Chinese” Successfully Developed; Real-time Acoustic Diagnostic Technology Unrivaled in the World

On June 13th President Si-chen Li of NTU announced that, Professor Lin-Shan Lee of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and his collaborative team, who have devoted themselves over through the years to the study of Chinese phonology over the internet, have successfully developed a web-based learning software called “NTU Chinese,”...>> Full Text


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