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NO.020 / Publication Date:October 15, 2012
Editor's Note

Here comes the mid autumn again, and this provides the best opportunity for us to enjoy the beautiful autumn view with some hot coffee and the falling leaves at the NTU campus in the cool breeze. Even the ducks and the turtles in the ecology pond sensed the arrival of fall and seemed to be more relaxed with the change of seasons. Under the warm sunny sky at the mid autumn campus, NTU students on bikes and pedestrians take the stroll across the bushes and flowerbeds.

And also, another new school year has just started. The NTU campus is once again filled with the spirited and young freshman students to browse all kinds of club booths, scientific exhibitions and art activities. National Taiwan University sincerely welcomes all NTU graduates to pay a visit back to refresh and to review our NTU memory in this season.

The latest Alumni reported the recent financial aid from NTU graduates and the corporations, including endowment created for Cosmology Center’s perpetual operation and China Trust assisted National Taiwan University to establish Child and Youth Welfare Think Tank. As well, there was a speech made by NTU Principal covered in the latest Alumni on contributing to the society: President Lee Urges Graduates to Better Society at Graduation Ceremony. In addition to that, Presidents of Three Elite US Partner Universities Lead Delegations to NTU and President Lee Flies to Brazil to Attract Brazilian Students were also covered in the latest Alumni to report us the intense academic exchange recently in the very beginning of the new school calendar.

As everyone knows, National Taiwan University has been so proud of our outstanding graduates, showing the public several prestigious awards with great honors. These honors include the member from US Academy of Science, entitled to the alumna Louise Chow, association fellows of National Science Center and ASM international fellows, earned by material scientists graduated from National Taiwan university.

With the outstanding research results in different fields, National Taiwan University proudly presents the age of cross-boundary integrated technology covered in the latest Alumni that our centers promote technology ethics domestically, regionally and globally. As well, the unique study in National Taiwan University shows the ecological degradation, which boosts cooperation. Also, the NTU researchers proudly present the most detailed 3-D images of brain connectivity in the professional field of science.

All the great academic performances provide the NTU made the basic theories related to the everyday life. We look forward to another great performance with honor in the field of professional technology. Last but not the least, we anticipate more contribution to the society and the nation.

special report

  President Si-chen Lee met with Chanceller Dr. Ronald Daniels of Johns Hopkins University.



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