Office is sometimes just like a battle field. The best thing is that your boss is a thoughtful and considerable admiral who respects your and regards you as his great right hand. However, let's face it, more often than not, your boss is just your biggest enemy and the source of pain, stress, sorrow, headaches, backaches, heart attacks, and the list just goes on and on. What makes it worse is that when you are in trouble, your colleagues just can't wait to stab you in the back. Well, when that happens, you either start a coup and become revolutionary, which is not very likely to happen any time soon, or you simply grasp someone walking by and dump your garbage right away!



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Academic Word List 是澳洲某大學學者所設計出來的學術字彙表單,這裡所整理出來的字彙表一共有 10 個,每個表內包含的都是學術文章常用的詞彙,假如你想要更精進自己的英文字彙實力,那就趕快來瞧瞧吧 ! 裡面還有許多練習題等著你來挑戰喔!


E-freeway 「線上英文自學教室」裡面豐富的自學軟體,一直是台大獨享的福利,身為台大人的你,是不是也有善用自己的權益呢 ? 這一期要推薦給你使用的,是Advanced English,在這裡你可以看到的是一本線上的彭蒙惠英語雜誌,讓你在家就可以輕鬆看雜誌讀英文,更不用花錢買光碟喔 !


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Top-up Listening 1

這本 Top-up Listening 1 的內容其實並不難,所教的也是生活英語中常會遭遇到的情境,適合聽力較差的讀者從基礎開始重新訓練,而對於英文聽力已經嚇嚇叫的讀者來說,或許太過簡單。不過如果想再把一些自己平時沒注意到的小地方多加磨練,或者借用當中所教的口語發音習慣來加強口說,講出更道地的英語口音,或許也是很棒的選擇唷。




Are your collegues your comrades? You'd better think twice!
It's been months since last time Sally and Russell whinged to each other about their bosses. Tonight they met up for dinner again, (see vol. 58) and tonight it's Sally who is late for the appointment.

Sally: I'm sorry, Russ!

Russell: No worries. I've just rocked up as well. It's the office, right?

Sally: Yeah. Actually it's just something small. Well, my boss asked me to print out an annual statistic report before I left. So before I began to clear up the mess on my desk, I clicked to print it out, and then about 5 minutes later, I went to fetch the report. But it wasn't there. So I asked the colleagues sitting next to the printer, and they said they only saw one of our salespersons came to get his paper. So I got back to my seat to try again, and then a phone came in. Then while I was on the phone, I heard a manager was giving the salesperson a spray. He was caught red-handed deleting jobs of the printer to get his paper.

Russell: That's pathetic.

Sally: Yeah. So I had to print out the report again. And then when I took it to my boss, he was already waiting impatiently with his number one patronising body language.

Russell: I thought he was having number two again.

Sally: Well, I was lucky this time. But anyway, he was still as rud as much I could handle. When I got in his office and began to talk to him, he put his hands behind his head, stretched out his whole body, and yawned with eyes averting to the ceiling. And then he placed one of the elbows on the desk, placed his face on the pawn, and said "shape up or ship out, Sally. You're 10 minutes late". So, then I said sorry and left.

Russell: Have you thought about looking for another job?

Sally: In this economic crisis? That's gonna put my life on the line. So, forget about it.

Russell: Yeah, fair enough. So, we just have to watch your back.

Sally: Yeah, we all have to.

Russell: Since last month, in this economic crisis though, my boss has injected some young blood to the company for adding weight to the competition. So, the boss has asked the senior staff to teach those new guys. Then there was one time, the new guy sitting in the next cubicle to me made a mistake on the report, and my boss told him off. But this guy backstabbed me by telling my boss that's how I told him to do the report! So, after that, I just refuse to teach him anything.

Sally: Woo! That's smart!

Russell: And I don't know if he always makes his coffee way too hot to drink or what. Every morning, after every slurp of coffee, he has to make the "ahhh" sound. Every time, really; every time! And because he is still getting familiar with the job, he also works while having lunch. But the problem is he is probably the nosiest eater on this planet. The noise of munching, crunching and gulping down food comes directly through me. And what's even worse is whenever he's got problems to ask me, he slides into my cubicle on his chair, and directly creeps on my desk without saying "hello" or "excuse me", and then begins to speak with mouthful of food, and sometimes spits on my face!

Sally: That's disgusting! So, it's not enough just to cover your back!

Russell: Yeah...

Sally: No worries, mate! Tonight, I'll buy you a full-covered helmet to protect you from food attacking and annoying munching noise!



salesperson (n): 業務 backstab (v): 從背後捅一刀;暗箭傷人
patronising (adj): 一副高高在上、懶得理人的樣子 slurp (n): 喝東西發出的聲音
stretch (v): 伸展 munching (adj): 咀嚼東西的
yawn (v): 打哈欠 crunching (adj): 咬碎聲的
avert (v): 避開對方的眼神 creep (v): 潛行;爬行
cubicle (n): 辦公室裡,用隔板隔出的小空間  


rock up = arrive
give someone a spray: 很生氣地罵某人
be caught red-handed: 作壞事的時候被逮到
shape up or ship out: 不好好工作的話,就準備離職吧
put my life on the line: 讓我的生活發生問題、出現危機
watch your back: 小心你的背後
inject young blood: 注入新血
tell off: 罵人



(Independent) Are your colleagues bad for your diet?

(Telegraph) Are colleagues bad for your figure?


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