Mathemagical Buffet

作者 : Liong-shin Hahn

Mathemagical Buffet offers a delectable feast to everyone with a basic facility in secondary-school mathematics. Every topic reflects the incomparable excitement, beauty, and joy of mathematics; they present a wealth of ingeniousinsights and marvelous ideas at the fundamental level.......more



作者 : 薛化元主編;佐藤幸人等著
臺灣文史研究譯叢 2


Global Encounters: Cross-cultural Representations of Taiwan 

作者 : Jeremy Fernando, Timothy R. Fox, Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu, Paoi Hwang, Lim Lee Ching, Terence Russell, Chih-ming Wang, John Wu, Jr., Isaac Yue

Taiwan’s status as an island surrounded by powerful nation states has forced upon it a history of permeablebordersand an ever fluctuating cultural subjectivity. Originally inhabited by Austronesian tribal peoples, the island has over thecenturies fallen under the political, economic, and cultural influences of the Spanish,   Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese occupiers.......more


作者 : 鄭騫 校注,林玫儀 整理
中國文學研究叢書 4、 5




Journey Through the White Terror: A Daughter’s Memoir

作者 : Kang-i Sun Chang

Kang-i Sun Chang is Malcolm G. Chace ’56 Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Yale University. In her memoir, Journey Through the White Terror, she tells the powerful story of her father Paul Sun (1919-2007). Along with numerous others, Sun was imprisoned more than 60 years ago during the “White Terror”, the decade following the withdrawal of Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist government from Mainland China to Taiwan in mid-December 1949......more


作者 : 葉維廉 著
現代主義文學論叢 11、12