新增電子資源:Literature Online:LION[Chadwyck Healey]
本資料庫於2014年起不續訂,請轉查Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections - CLC ,造成不便,敬請見諒!

為讓校內師生更有效地查尋與應用國科會人文處購買之全國版Chadwyck-Healey Literatue Collections英美文學線上資料庫,目前圖書館已將資料庫升級為Literature Online(簡稱LION)以提供跨資料庫檢索功能,讓喜愛英美文學的您一次檢索英美文學資料庫。本資料庫目前仍持續提供先前購入資料庫(清單請見:新增資料庫:Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections電子新聞),並且新增以下內容。歡迎讀者上網查詢並使用。


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Literature Online:LION[Chadwyck Healey] now available!

Literature Online is a virtual library containing over 350,000 literary texts together with full-text journals, author biographies and other critical and reference resources. Since its launch in 1996, it has become established as the first port of call both for advanced researchers, looking for accurate online versions of authoritative print texts, and for students who require trustworthy critical sources on set texts and authors.

NTU have access to Literature Online's Core Collection, and may also have access to additional collections as premium modules. The premium modules are fully integrated with Literature Online: texts and records appear alongside Core Collection materials in Quick Search and other search results, and in Complete Contents. Users can also access the premium modules via their stand-alone interfaces, by following the Individual Collections link from the left-hand toolbar. For more information, please visit "The contents of the available collections".

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