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本資料庫提供美國各邦與聯邦的案例,法規,法庭文件,超過三百五十萬筆的公共記錄,商業新聞,法律新聞,區域新聞,針對法律的專業評論,Shepard's® 引證分析等等許多資訊
還有來自全球約100個專利當局將近五千萬筆的專利文件。藉此,您得以於世界七大專利當局 – USPTOEPOWIPO、英國、日本、法國與德國 以及其他區域之專利當局,從事專利前案研究、專利申請、專利侵害研究與專利授權的鑑定等等的檢索。此外也提供自動化的英文翻譯服務。
目前法律學院訂購International Law, Patent 以及 Contracts三大項目。
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Database : LexisNexis Database
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The database provides you online access to state and federal case law; codes and statutes; court documents; over 3.5 billion public records (the most available anywhere online); business news, legal news, and regional news; expert commentary on the law; Shepard's® Citations Service; and so much more.
Patent collection includes nearly 50 million patents from close to 100 patenting authorities worldwide. Searching for patent prior art research, patent prosecution, researching infringements, identification of licensing opportunities, from the seven major authorities - United States, European Patent Office, World International Property Organization, Great Britain, Japan, France, and Germany - and many others that span the globe, including English machine translations.
The College of Law has subscribed to three collections : International law, Patent, Contracts.
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